[LYRICAL ANALYSIS] BTS’s Butterfly and Save Me

So now that my Run Analysis/support theory is up, it’s time to finally tie in something I feel is important. And since I delayed this post for so long, I’m going to tie this into the final part of The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, tying in Butterfly to Save Me.

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This post is super late and I apologize, but it’s finally here. I’ve been really busy as of late and just hadn’t found the time to sit down and analyze the video like I wanted to. But thanks to a recent bout of insomnia, I’ve had the chance to think and piece together my thoughts. There’s a lot more I have to say, but that post will have to wait because I want to piece them together properly to make a clearer puzzle.

But not to overload anyone with a lot of information, this post will serve more as a theory support than the analysis of Run that I was initially planning. It still holds some deep looking at aspects of the video, but not the same way I did with the On Stage Prologue. And I will link the Japanese MV of I Need You, into this as well.

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[MV Preliminary Review] BTS’s RUN

I felt the need to put something up a little bit earlier than planned. If you follow me on Twitter, I mentioned I wouldn’t be putting up anything about the video until this coming Sunday the earliest. I need the initial shock of the MV to settle in before I can repeatedly watch it for an analysis. But since the video has come out, my MV Analysis of the prologue has shot up over 1k views in one day, which has NEVER happened. So thank you! For that, this post has been paid.

I’ve now watched the video twice and there are some things I noticed and will go back and look into more. But for now, here’s a list or even a small outline of what I’ve noticed during my two watches and will expand upon once I am able to sit down and piece together an analysis.

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[MV ANALYSIS] BTS 화양연화 On Stage Prologue Follow up pt.1

Within a couple of a days, the BTS 화양연화 On Stage Prologue has become one of the most viewed entries on my site. First of all, thank you fellow A.R.M.Y. and non-A.R.M.Y. for coming to read the theory and I hope it answered your questions about the video. Some have shared the post in other places, and for that, I thank you. Every little bit helps.

I have seen the search terms which brought many here. Sadly some of the terms that linked my site didn’t happen to answer questions inputted in the search bar. So this post will be a follow up to some of the questions asked before the second part of the Most Beautiful Moment in Life happens in October.

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[MV ANALYSIS] BTS’s 화양연화 On Stage – Prologue

Ironically, one of the MV Analysis I wanted to do was of BTS’s I Need You considering there were so many theories about the members in the uncut version. Well the 화양연화 On Stage – Prologue saved me some trouble and answers the question of what happened to the members at the end. But before that, here are some titles of the theories I had before and/or came across before the prologue debuted:

  1. All the members die.
  2. All the members except Jin and V die; maybe Rap Monster(?).
  3. All the members except Jin dies.

You’ll want to watch BTS’s I Need You if you’re not familiar or just for a refresher. Then read through the theories before you watch the prologue. By being a prologue, it is meant to come first. But remember, their album was called The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt. 1. So this is a prologue to part two and possibly an epilogue to part one. You have to close one chapter before continuing to the next.

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[NEWS] Death threats against RapMon during BTS’s TRB US Tour

So, please calm down about this. Yes, he was wrong for what he said and should have been more careful but understand that he more than likely did not mean for it to allude to race. And if this part is true: don’t go around issuing threats or planning to do mean and harmful actions towards him during their concerts. Doing so won’t make you any better than him. And I’ve seen it going around on social media and I agree: instead of threats or ill-willed intentions, educate. It’s more powerful, I can assure you of that.

WHELP IT HAPPENED. The above is a direct quote from my previous blog post. I wasn’t able to attend the The Red Bullet concert in NY because I learned of BTS too late and on top of that, the tickets were sold out by the time I even knew they were doing a concert.

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[NEWS] Color = race? EXO to BTS drama

We’ve jumped from one group to another… So here I am writing another post… except this time, I’m sort of angry.

I had no idea about this until it was brought to my attention that Rap Monster made what seemed like a racial joke, calling V and J-Hope ‘black’ in reference that when it was night out, he couldn’t find/see them.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that I have the unlucky ability to understand BOTH sides of the story. So here’s my take on this.

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I wanted to do a review of BTS’s 쩔어(DOPE), but I’m probably ‘late’ in doing that. That aside, I realized, I’m actually a bit biased to the song itself because unlike the previous review, I’ve listened to this song multiple times prior to its MV release. So going into it already liking the song and with the added MV, just makes the song more pleasing to me with the visual aesthetic. Of course, I can pick at things like how some of the English wasn’t exactly clear so I misheard some of the lyrics and what not, but I’m sure others have talked about it. I’m not saying that there’s difficulty in me being neutral about the song for the review (I can be), but remember I’m trying to do something different.

With that being said, what I actually want to talk about is the COMEBACK STAGE performance on M COUNTDOWN that aired on June, 25th.

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[ME] Not a fan, but a friend.

(Honestly, I’m not sure how to list this. LOL)

This is post is more so how I feel about “idols” I follow and have respect for in Korea more so than the concept of how others feel towards them. To people who are… more serious about being up on everything about your bias ever and maybe even borderline or might be 사생 팬, this is not to offend you. But considering the mentality of those fans, well, even if I say don’t take offense, you might do so anyway.  Please don’t threaten to blow up any venues I attend, thank you.

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