[MV REVIEW] Zion.T – No Makeup

Now that it is officially autumn, I find myself getting back into ballad and R&B artists. Pop and dance music season is over, see you late spring~ (says the person who went to BIGBANG’s concert yesterday). Thanks to Infinity Challenge, I discovered Zion.T, whom I’ve talked about on my blog before with Artist Impression and Artist Review. Today (or last night depending on how you look at it), he released a new single called No Makeup.

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(These posts, hopefully, will show up a week after the previous artist impression posts so I can tell you about what I think about said artist’s music.)

So after my artist impression post, I spent a good three days, listening to nothing but 자이언티’s music. I spent that time listening to every album except Eat. I listen to music at work, so pretty much we’re talking seventeen songs on repeat for about nine hour period.

Ah, before we move on, if you’re reading just the English conversation of his stage name, it’s not pronounced how you would expect. It’s not ZEE-ON-TEE. It’s ZAI-ON-TEE. If you don’t know Hangul, then you wouldn’t have known. I made that mistake but quickly corrected it when he says his name in Click Me (2013).

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