[LYRICAL ANALYSIS] VIXX’s Album – Chained Up

It’s been entirely too long and you’re coming back to a post like this. I know… but I am working on a personal post to make up for the silence.

In talking with the Seoulbeats family about VIXX and their BDSM concept, I wanted try and do an album review but more along the lines of a lyrical analysis, linking their lyrics to specific aspects of BDSM.

Now, BDSM is not something I know a lot about, in fact, I’ve heard of different kink terminology, but that’s the extent of my knowledge. I’m going to try to make this work as best as I can. I want to run with their theme of BDSM, so we are going to be taking this very strange journey… together.

Thank you to fyeah-vixx for the translation of the lyrics and differentequals about all this terminology I mainly never knew about until now.

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[MV ANALYSIS] LR’s Beautiful Liar

As mentioned, I’ve been taking this month to talk about VIXX, but for the moment, I’m shifting to their sub-unit, LR. Leo and Ravi put out an amazing MV for Beautiful Liar. There’s visually stunning subtext, aligned meaning between the lyrics and the video, and many other hidden aspects that you won’t catch with just one watch. If I ever find myself not following VIXX as a group, I will follow LR. I haven’t felt emotion and passion like this from an artist in a really long time.

As a note: if you’re not familiar with Korean, you can follow the steps I did by doing the following (links below):
1. Watch the official video.
2. Watch the video with the translated lyrics.
3. Familiarize yourself with the lyrics here.
4. Re-watch the official video….repeatedly.

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I have roughly 3본 to get this post in. For the past four days or so, I’ve been contemplating on who to do for the next artist impression. There are so many artists that are out there, but I’ve missed because new artists over the past 4년 have been so frequent and usually female groups/artists are completely skipped by me. But I will say that in two weeks, my next feature will be a female.

But for now, I’m settling on VIXX. I’ve heard of VIXX since their debut actually and again, so many artists come out so fast, I passed them by. Hell, when Otakon had their, “guess the kpop act and you’ll get free tickets” in 2012, I guessed it was VIXX, but didn’t submit the answer because I called off attending the convention from that year on.

Anyway. I have listened to an album or two, mainly VOODOO and JEKYLL. Maybe HYDE has been played once through. But I did watch a video for Love Equation which colored me confused because I had considered 빅스 to be a darker sounding group and this song breaks that image. I do really like the song hyde though. Hyde, for example, is different from what I’m used to. Love Equation, not so much. But I’m interested in diving into their music because it is different from what fills my ears.

So I’m going to leave those albums and more on repeat for a week, watch some videos and then go from there. Hopefully I’ll have some great things to say and remember their names and put them to the proper faces.