[MV ANALYSIS] BTS 화양연화 On Stage Prologue Follow up pt.1

Within a couple of a days, the BTS 화양연화 On Stage Prologue has become one of the most viewed entries on my site. First of all, thank you fellow A.R.M.Y. and non-A.R.M.Y. for coming to read the theory and I hope it answered your questions about the video. Some have shared the post in other places, and for that, I thank you. Every little bit helps.

I have seen the search terms which brought many here. Sadly some of the terms that linked my site didn’t happen to answer questions inputted in the search bar. So this post will be a follow up to some of the questions asked before the second part of the Most Beautiful Moment in Life happens in October.

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The teaser came first months ago, so I had been wondering what happened with all the scenes? They seemed out of place to be featured in T.A.O., but now, an answer has been given. The teaser Z.TAO published some time back was actually scenes from his newest song entitled Crown. The MV is less of a music video and more along the lines of a short film. Give it a watch and I’ll spill my thoughts after.

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[MV ANALYSIS] BTS’s 화양연화 On Stage – Prologue

Ironically, one of the MV Analysis I wanted to do was of BTS’s I Need You considering there were so many theories about the members in the uncut version. Well the 화양연화 On Stage – Prologue saved me some trouble and answers the question of what happened to the members at the end. But before that, here are some titles of the theories I had before and/or came across before the prologue debuted:

  1. All the members die.
  2. All the members except Jin and V die; maybe Rap Monster(?).
  3. All the members except Jin dies.

You’ll want to watch BTS’s I Need You if you’re not familiar or just for a refresher. Then read through the theories before you watch the prologue. By being a prologue, it is meant to come first. But remember, their album was called The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt. 1. So this is a prologue to part two and possibly an epilogue to part one. You have to close one chapter before continuing to the next.

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[MUSIC REVIEW] Live vs Recorded – Latest Infinity Challenge Music Festival (Part 2)

Welcome back to Part 2 of the 2015 Infinity Challenge Music Festival. Change of plans, I was supposed to review the next two songs from the festival but I will only do one; Zion.T and Haha’s $ponsor. I will review the last 3 performances and songs in the 3rd and final part.

Zion.T and Haha’s $ponser

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[MUSIC REVIEW] DAY6 – Congratulations

I have to say, JYP seems to be on a band kick and there is nothing wrong with the new motion. In fact, it’s enjoyable. First the Wonder Girls returned as a band and now, DAY6, a six member male band has made their debut. The group contains members: Sung Jin, Jae, Young K, Jun Hyeok, Won Pil and Do Woon. Outside of F.T. Island, there aren’t many bands, or rather well known ones, in the big music scene. They tend to be more indie than anything else. To be honest, I have only heard about them recently and from that point on, I waited for their debut.

So now they’re here with a mini album entitled The Day and their title track, Congratulations. Always thankful to JYPE because they were the first to jump on subtitling their videos so you don’t have to wait for someone else to do it.

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[NEWS] TAO takes the same road, but may wind up with different ending; TAO sues SME

Following up with Z.TAO’s Sina interview that said he had left EXO back in April, which SM covered up as him “going to the states to rest and study” (that could have been true and the decision to leave came after), to make it official, it was announced on August 24th that he is suing SM Entertainment to dissolve his contract. And it’s no surprise he enlisted same legal team ex-members Kris (Wu Yifan) and Luhan are using. It only provides some reassurance to be using the same lawyer that helped previous member of Super Junior M, Han Geng, to win his case. What rains on this parade is, well, Kris and Luhan are still in a stalemate due to SM’s lack of wanting to resolve the matter quickly. And even for the two of them, when the end seemed near, SM decided to become a child with a tantrum screaming ‘no, no, no’ instead of an adult to come together to talk and resolve the problem at hand.

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[MUSIC REVIEW] Live vs Recorded – Latest Infinity Challenge Music Festival (Part 1)

Have you ever listened to a new song, and think to yourself “Was that good? Did I like it?” only to continue listening to it some more to decide if you do.  After all the many replays, you decide to determine it after watching the live performance of said song.  Welcome to Live vs Recorded, my opinion based music review that tries to connect the different aspects of live performances to the studio recorded version of a song to fully appreciate the song more or in some cases, less.

My first review is on Infinity Challenge’s 2015 Music Festival since it is the most recent event.  With the broadcast of the Festival on MBC, the mp3 songs were also released; allowing viewers to listen to the studio recorded tracks after watching the live performances or vise versa.  In my situation, I watched the live first, then listened to the studio recorded songs.  I will go through each song (but only 2 at a time) and express how I feel about them from watching the performances, then to listening to the tracks.

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[MV ANALYSIS] LR’s Beautiful Liar

As mentioned, I’ve been taking this month to talk about VIXX, but for the moment, I’m shifting to their sub-unit, LR. Leo and Ravi put out an amazing MV for Beautiful Liar. There’s visually stunning subtext, aligned meaning between the lyrics and the video, and many other hidden aspects that you won’t catch with just one watch. If I ever find myself not following VIXX as a group, I will follow LR. I haven’t felt emotion and passion like this from an artist in a really long time.

As a note: if you’re not familiar with Korean, you can follow the steps I did by doing the following (links below):
1. Watch the official video.
2. Watch the video with the translated lyrics.
3. Familiarize yourself with the lyrics here.
4. Re-watch the official video….repeatedly.

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Quick update

Hello hello and sorry for the silence. There are some changes going on here and in my life. My time management is currently being tested. I hope that soon I’ll be able to share some exciting news!

But first, by Monday, you’ll see a post that’s not written by me. Yes, someone is helping me out with my blog. My endearing significant other will be helping me out on my blog. He’s more opinionated than I am… more blunt too. So I hope that you’ll be able to get used to his way of writing. He’ll be under the user handle himseoktea, which is just a play on my username, minseoktea.

Hopefully when things settle down there will be some collaboration efforts between us, but until now, please enjoy our post separately.


Here I am thinking these were supposed to come out on Saturdays, but clearly it’s Thursdays. And right now, totally not posted on the correct day. I’m thinking about switching up how this is done anyway. Maybe will just pick a month and talk about a proposed artist in features (impressions, discography, reviews, ranking, etc). It might make it a bit easier on me. (If it works out, October will be about BIGBANG.)

But here I am now, following up on my impression post of VIXX. I’ve spent over a week listening to the following albums: Boy’s Record, Error, Eternity, hyde, Jekyll, VOODOO, On and On, Only You, and 아이돌 하기 싫어, plus Leo and Ravi’s Beautiful Liar. I’ll be talking about VIXX first and then their sub-unit LR.

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