[NEWS] When GOT7 Members Party Too Hard (BamBam and Yugyeom controversy)

By now, as fast as news travels with the internet and social media (specifically Snapchat in this case), most have heard about the controversy GOT7, specifically Yugyeom and BamBam has gotten themselves into. There’s a lot of white knighting of the ultimate defense of “oppa didn’t mean it” while people (mostly international fans) are outraged. And quite honestly, they have the right to be upset.

Here’s the small breakdown.

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[NEWS] TAO takes the same road, but may wind up with different ending; TAO sues SME

Following up with Z.TAO’s Sina interview that said he had left EXO back in April, which SM covered up as him “going to the states to rest and study” (that could have been true and the decision to leave came after), to make it official, it was announced on August 24th that he is suing SM Entertainment to dissolve his contract. And it’s no surprise he enlisted same legal team ex-members Kris (Wu Yifan) and Luhan are using. It only provides some reassurance to be using the same lawyer that helped previous member of Super Junior M, Han Geng, to win his case. What rains on this parade is, well, Kris and Luhan are still in a stalemate due to SM’s lack of wanting to resolve the matter quickly. And even for the two of them, when the end seemed near, SM decided to become a child with a tantrum screaming ‘no, no, no’ instead of an adult to come together to talk and resolve the problem at hand.

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[NEWS] TAO cleaning up the EXO Train wreck mess

An article has been released via Soompi and Allkpop about EXO-Post Tao. I decided to watch the translated Sina interview myself which is below. This interview answered/brought up things I originally spoke about before in my previous post about Huang Zitao, mainly two points, but one general topic:

How TAO bashed Kris for what he did, but wound up essentially doing the same thing.

I plan on talking about sections of the video, so you may want to watch it in its entirety, and then fall back on what I have to say.

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[NEWS] Death threats against RapMon during BTS’s TRB US Tour

So, please calm down about this. Yes, he was wrong for what he said and should have been more careful but understand that he more than likely did not mean for it to allude to race. And if this part is true: don’t go around issuing threats or planning to do mean and harmful actions towards him during their concerts. Doing so won’t make you any better than him. And I’ve seen it going around on social media and I agree: instead of threats or ill-willed intentions, educate. It’s more powerful, I can assure you of that.

WHELP IT HAPPENED. The above is a direct quote from my previous blog post. I wasn’t able to attend the The Red Bullet concert in NY because I learned of BTS too late and on top of that, the tickets were sold out by the time I even knew they were doing a concert.

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[NEWS] Color = race? EXO to BTS drama

We’ve jumped from one group to another… So here I am writing another post… except this time, I’m sort of angry.

I had no idea about this until it was brought to my attention that Rap Monster made what seemed like a racial joke, calling V and J-Hope ‘black’ in reference that when it was night out, he couldn’t find/see them.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that I have the unlucky ability to understand BOTH sides of the story. So here’s my take on this.

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[NEWS] Update on TAO Status: Welcome to the EXO Train Wreck

Another informal, not quite thought out/planned post. So if you remember my previous EXO related post, TAO was removed from the official EXO-M FB page. Since then, the following has happened. There are a lot of pingback links in this post so you can somewhat accurately follow along with the information I know.

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