[MV REVIEW] Kris Wu – Bad Girl

Following Z.TAO and Luhan, Kris Wu has released a song called Bad Girl. The release was to be expected since people have been waiting for Kris and Luhan to produce music since their departure from EXO. It’s funny to think about considering the time the three of them left the group. Kris left EXO first, followed by Luhan and TAO. Now with songs, it’s Z.TAO, Luhan, and now Kris.

Please watch the video and then read the review.

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The teaser came first months ago, so I had been wondering what happened with all the scenes? They seemed out of place to be featured in T.A.O., but now, an answer has been given. The teaser Z.TAO published some time back was actually scenes from his newest song entitled Crown. The MV is less of a music video and more along the lines of a short film. Give it a watch and I’ll spill my thoughts after.

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[NEWS] TAO cleaning up the EXO Train wreck mess

An article has been released via Soompi and Allkpop about EXO-Post Tao. I decided to watch the translated Sina interview myself which is below. This interview answered/brought up things I originally spoke about before in my previous post about Huang Zitao, mainly two points, but one general topic:

How TAO bashed Kris for what he did, but wound up essentially doing the same thing.

I plan on talking about sections of the video, so you may want to watch it in its entirety, and then fall back on what I have to say.

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[ALBUM REVIEW] Z.TAO Comeback Album Review

So despite the train wreck that is EXO (seems to be recovering now!), I’ve been looking forward to TAO’s album to see what he can do. I don’t know much about the Chinese music market, but I’m thinking there’s more singers than rappers out there. So I was curious to see how TAO fit it because SM Entertainment marketed him as a rapper.

I definitely didn’t expect 2 out of 3 tracks to be singing. I actually figured the ratio would have been the other way around.

As mentioned, my expectations were high because I was interested in knowing what TAO could do and…

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