[MUSIC REVIEW] Live vs Recorded – Latest Infinity Challenge Music Festival (Part 2)

Welcome back to Part 2 of the 2015 Infinity Challenge Music Festival. Change of plans, I was supposed to review the next two songs from the festival but I will only do one; Zion.T and Haha’s $ponsor. I will review the last 3 performances and songs in the 3rd and final part.

Zion.T and Haha’s $ponser

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[MUSIC REVIEW] Live vs Recorded – Latest Infinity Challenge Music Festival (Part 1)

Have you ever listened to a new song, and think to yourself “Was that good? Did I like it?” only to continue listening to it some more to decide if you do.  After all the many replays, you decide to determine it after watching the live performance of said song.  Welcome to Live vs Recorded, my opinion based music review that tries to connect the different aspects of live performances to the studio recorded version of a song to fully appreciate the song more or in some cases, less.

My first review is on Infinity Challenge’s 2015 Music Festival since it is the most recent event.  With the broadcast of the Festival on MBC, the mp3 songs were also released; allowing viewers to listen to the studio recorded tracks after watching the live performances or vise versa.  In my situation, I watched the live first, then listened to the studio recorded songs.  I will go through each song (but only 2 at a time) and express how I feel about them from watching the performances, then to listening to the tracks.

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