This post is super late and I apologize, but it’s finally here. I’ve been really busy as of late and just hadn’t found the time to sit down and analyze the video like I wanted to. But thanks to a recent bout of insomnia, I’ve had the chance to think and piece together my thoughts. There’s a lot more I have to say, but that post will have to wait because I want to piece them together properly to make a clearer puzzle.

But not to overload anyone with a lot of information, this post will serve more as a theory support than the analysis of Run that I was initially planning. It still holds some deep looking at aspects of the video, but not the same way I did with the On Stage Prologue. And I will link the Japanese MV of I Need You, into this as well.

There is something important concerning V, Jin, and Butterfly that I won’t talk about in this post, but keep it in the back of your mind for now. So I won’t touch on V’s parts of him falling and then getting out of the water.

This is my theory and it may sound crazy, but hear me out on this one:

From this point on, I’m throwing out my previous theory that Jin is the only surviving member and replacing it with Jin is the only one who died. And I’m going to add that while Jin is dead, I feel like Jungkook is the only one who can see him.

Outside of the House of Cards reference, I feel there’s something about the scene that gets written off as a joke. Jin is building a house of cards and everyone is staring intently. But then V knocks it down and initially, no one reacts. Moreover, no one gets mad at V, but Jungkook is the only one who comforts Jin at V’s outburst.

As the scene continues, Jin is just staring at the camera, run01the faces of the other members aren’t recorded, and there’s something off putting about the scene that makes it feel like Jin doesn’t belong there. There’s even a scene that follows where he’s in the daze and confusion settles on his face. As to why this is, it’ll be expanded on more towards the end.

When it comes to Jin and Jungkook, while the two haven’t been paired together (Jin was always by himself and the maknae is paired with Suga), Jungkook is the one who notices Jin. He calls out to him in the One Stage Prologue and in Run, he looks directly towards him while they’re in the field. Even Jin looks back at him strangely…

run02At the end of Run (when the song ends) Jungkook is looking back at the camera and whoever is driving the vehicle, which obviously since he’s not walking with him, it’s Jin. There’s something that almost looks like a start of a smile on Jungkook’s face. To me, it comes off as a “Thank you for staying by our side and looking out for us.” There’s a reason why I believe this.

Now this is might be the point where it gets complicated. I’m going to link Run and the Japanese version of I Need You.

In the Japanese version of I Need You, the first time you seen Jin in a room is when he’s in a bed surrounded by lilies. And if you remember the concern that the MV for I Need You brought up, it’s the association of lilies are to death. All the members are surrounded by flowers and some touch lilies at some point, but for Jin, it’s the only flower he’s enveloped by.

inujpn01Also Jin is in a room that’s dark, the only light is from above. It’s not an unknown fact between this version and the Korean one that Jin tends to be alone in a room in isolation. The both rooms have one thing in common: they’re both Jin’s resting place. In the case of the Japanese video, his light is from above and the lilies are at his side. There’s no doubt that this resembles a coffin.

This MV also links Jin and Jungjook again, since they both take the same action towards the lily. In the Korean version, the lilies with Jin are set on fire while Jungjook does it himself in the Japanese version. And the only other person who sees this is Suga, which might be the linking point between the pairing of the both of them from the prologue and current music video. Perhaps, the maknae is hurt most by what happened to Jin and thus, Suga steps in to help the youngest get through it.

inujpn02Back to Jin right at the end of the video, the oldest opens his hands and releases a butterfly that flies through the only opening in the room. This could mean a couple of things:

  1. He’s sending the butterfly off to protect the other members on his behalf.
  2. The butterfly is actually some sort of embodiment of Jin; a representation of his soul.

This links back as to why I believe Jungkook knows of Jin’s soul looking over him and the other members, thus thanking him for that.

The Japanese version of I Need You, I feel, leads into the On Stage Prologue and Run. It answers a couple of questions or bring them up, depending on how you see it:

  1. Why Jin really isn’t there?
  2. Why no one interacts with Jin?
  3. Why Jungkook seems to be the only one who can sense Jin’s presence?

run04To wrap it up, I believe the On Stage Prologue served as Jin’s side of the story while Run showed the other members’ views. This video debunks my theory of everyone except Jin dying. In fact, Jin is dead and everyone else is alive. In the On Stage Prologue, when Rap Monster took the picture of Jin and Suga, the picture came out just to be a selca of just Jin. At the end of Run, there’s a picture of all of them but Jin’s missing from the picture and everyone is in their same positions from the real time to the picture except for Rap Monster. Of course, Jin could be the one who took the picture as well, but Jin just drops too many hints as something is wrong with him. Just in that scene alone, Jin is talking but no one seems to be listening or responding to him. And even before that V draws a huge X on the older one, so I think it’s a subtle hint that he’s the first to go, or just not really there at all.

I won’t touch on Jimin burning the picture because I have no idea that it means except maybe he felt betrayed and didn’t want to hold onto the memories? If you have any ideas about that, let me know.

I’m hoping I can do more of an expansion of my prelim post in the future.

Let me know what you think about my thoughts and share your own! I definitely would like to hear what everyone else thinks.

Writing about Butterfly will be my next post because it continues to support the theory I’m currently upholding.


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