[MV Preliminary Review] BTS’s RUN

I felt the need to put something up a little bit earlier than planned. If you follow me on Twitter, I mentioned I wouldn’t be putting up anything about the video until this coming Sunday the earliest. I need the initial shock of the MV to settle in before I can repeatedly watch it for an analysis. But since the video has come out, my MV Analysis of the prologue has shot up over 1k views in one day, which has NEVER happened. So thank you! For that, this post has been paid.

I’ve now watched the video twice and there are some things I noticed and will go back and look into more. But for now, here’s a list or even a small outline of what I’ve noticed during my two watches and will expand upon once I am able to sit down and piece together an analysis.

  • I’m starting to think that J-Hope and Jimin’s scenes are related to one another considering they’ve both taken place in a bathroom. Not to mention, in RUN, Jimin is thrown into a bathtub (by Jin no less), and that’s how he dies in the I Need You. Not to mention, Jimin meets J-Hope in a very plain bedroom considering narcolepsy is J-Hope’s issue.
  • Jin… actually may not be alive. There is something about this video that’s overturning my previous theory of Jin being the only one surviving member. Jin is dropping too many hints that something happened to him.
    • I’ll even go a step further to even say that in I Need You, Jin might have been dead and the petals represented the members that were still alive.
  • The interaction between Suga and Jungkook is more intense than before. In the Prologue, Suga is looking out for Jungkook, while in RUN, their roles seem to be reversed.
  • If I’m not mistaken, V is drawing the same design he did on the wall in the Prologue in his scene with Rap Monster during RUN.
    • To expand on this, V and Rap Monster weren’t paired together during the Prologue and now they are. Both of them were pretty much solo before considering V isolated himself from everyone.
    • Also to add to the scene when they get arrested, the following quote got stuck in my head: “When you’re in jail, a good friend will be trying to bail you out. A best friend will be in the cell next to you saying, ‘Damn, that was fun’.”
  • While some of the focus is on Jin (and the subtle House of Cards reference), I have a feeling that RUN is sort of about Jungkook? Or at least maybe seen through his eyes. There was a lot of focus on him in this video, I feel.
  • V could have lived after the Prologue since he’s seen struggling, and then standing in the water, not allowing himself to drown. (Plus that’s not original, Jimin already did that.)
  • Speaking of Jimin, he’s the only person to actively do something to a Poloroid picture that’s been taken by someone in the group. (I mention the group because we don’t know how V got that picture that he crumbled up in the Prologue, plus it’s not of any of the members).
    • Not to mention, he’s repeating the same action from I Need You.
    • Now I think about it, all of the members repeat the same actions in some form:
      • Jin making eye contact with the camera.
      • Jungkook looking back.
      • Jimin burning something while being in the tub.
      • Rap Monster dropping the lollipop.
      • Suga puts his arm around Jungkook.
      • V uses spray paint (but this links to the Prologue and not I Need You, which I may have missed the action in RUN).
  • Fun note: Rap Monster is wearing the same sweater B.I. did in Airplane.
  • Bonus round: probably going to hear people complain more about the similarities of BIGBANG and BTS (Lies and Most Beautiful Moment in Life has already been compared to BIGBANG’s Sober.).

There will be more considering I noticed these things within two watches. And I have a feeling that if another video comes out, I’m sure it will add onto the storyline because there is no closure. But for now, please look forward to next week for my analysis post.

Tell me if you noticed anything more or didn’t catch what I mentioned. If you leave a comment, I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


7 thoughts on “[MV Preliminary Review] BTS’s RUN

  1. Hi! I know that this is kinda long , okay I admit it its long!!! Just making you laugh before your brain will explode or you’ll be surprised but I think you didn’t laugh but anyways I hope you’ll take the time to read this. I would like to say my conclusion or theory about what’s happening in the MV “RUN”, ” I NEED YOU” and the PROLOGUE. My conclusion or theory is not about the story of RUN , I NEED YOU nor the PROLOGUE it’s about what I think is really happening but some are also about the story and theory of ” I NEED YOU” , “RUN” and the PROLOGUE. When I watched the mv of BTS “RUN”,I had goosebumps!! I was really puzzled and curious about what’s happening , so I red different kinds of theories that made me even MORE puzzled and curious ( I think most of the people who watched the MV “RUN” are also puzzled and curious ) . I also red comments in “RUN” about its connection in “I NEED YOU” and the PROLOGUE so I watched “I NEED YOU” and the PROLOGUE and also red their comments. I’m like a detective now because of their puzzling MVs. Some people say that the ” I NEED YOU ” was the 1st part ( well it’s actually the 1st to be uploaded but what I mean is the 1st story that happened in this 3 PUZZLING MVs ) but I was thinking that maybe the recent video (RUN/RUN REVERSED VER.) that had been uploaded is really the 1st part or story!!! Think about it, in the MV of “RUN” they were so happy together but they were also some sad moments but I think their is no reason for them to kill them selves without anything happened to them or maybe there is ( we just don’t know) . The theories that I red about the “RUN” ( try to watch the REVERSED VER. of “RUN”) is that Jin is the one who is dead and V was trying to drown himself because he couldn’t accept the fact that Jin is dead , Suga and Jungkook were fighting because Jungkook was trying to help Suga accept the fact that Jin is dead but Suga was drunk so he was really violent at that scene, J- Hope was overdosed trying to kill himself which is why he ended up in the hospital and Jimin also drowning himself.( I don’t know about RAPMON. Awe poor him!!JOKE) The 2nd part or story is the PROLOGUE OR MUCH BETTER the REVERSED VER. OF THE PROLOGUE ( try watching the reversed ver.) in the credits you can hear (reversed VER.) a French song ( I’m not really sure if it’s a song but that’s what they say) which is “Non, je ne regrette rien” (it’s means “No. I regret nothing ” , I opened my IG acc. and I went to BTS’ acc. ( I was hoping maybe there could be clues or hints ) I was reading the captions and hashtags in every pic. that BTS uploaded, then there something that caught my eye!!! One of their caption says “Je Ne Regrette Rien🌸” and the hastag says “#JeNeRegretteRien” and “NoRegrets” I was really surprised and at the same time being creeped out ( I think you will also be) I also heard other words in the Reversed VER. Of the PROLOGUE then I was questioning myself ” Why on the earth am I hearing this even its reversed?” then noticed that some of the songs in the PROLOGUE are reversed so when we reverse the PROLOGUE we still can hear some of the words in the song.The last story or part is ” I NEED YOU” but that’s what I think. My theory about what’s really happening is that I think BTS is illuminati because I saw some illuminati signs in their MV “I NEED YOU” ( illuminati controls our mind by different hand signs, songs,different symbols and etc. it is also a secret society that uses satans powers to take over the world using media, celeb., children shows and etc. that’s why today we’re addicted to many famous people because they’re illuminati. Most popular people today are illuminati, they’re giving their souls just to be famous. Example of illuminati people/ Group: Ladies Code, Lady Gaga, Rhianna , EXO , Girls Generation and etc.) . I also found some illuminati symbols in the MV ” RUN” , there’s a butterfly in a card and butterfly is one of the illuminati symbol ( butterfly represents metamorphosis. If you don’t believe me about this illuminati stuffs then research about it). I then saw a triangle of cards ( triangle represents satan and the all seeing eye). I also saw that there’s a looking glass/broken/shattered mirror (it is also an illuminati symbol). My other theory is that maybe illuminati really took over BTS and BTS wants to get out or doesn’t want to be part of the illuminati because when I watched the reversed vid of run, there was a part where they were vandalizing the cars and when they were screaming I heard them scream “HELP”!!! And I also heard them say “HELP” again and again in the I need you MV! I don’t know if my theory is true. If you’re wondering why is my theory like this, well it’s because I watched a video about Ariana Grande being illuminati and wants to get out of it by using her songs like ” Break Free” . In “Break Free ” if you reverse it you will hear “God I need your help, so open your eyes” and many other. I also red many articles about popular artists that are using their mv’s to get out of illuminati ( also Michael Jackson) that’s why I thought about that on my theory! If you guys think that I’m making this theories to insult or destroy BTS well I’m not, ( I’m actually a big fan of BTS) I’m just saying my own opinion. But I hope you liked it!! If you have some questions just ask me and I’ll try my best to answer it.


    • Hello, sorry for the delayed reply on your comment. I wanted to put my own thoughts down before I read anyone else’s so I wouldn’t become influenced by it.

      I’ve never looked into the reversed versions of any of them songs, so that’s something to look into. And I don’t know much about illuminati so I wouldn’t have thought or considered something like that.

      I did talk about the theory I had and ideas and occurances as to what happened: https://minseoktea.wordpress.com/2015/12/20/mv-anaylsis-btss-run/
      I have maybe two more posts I want to talk about the videos and the storyline, but for now that’s all I have.

      Thank you for your theory and comment. It was a good read.


    • Yes, i believe that BTS is now controlled by Illuminati. Actually their trilogy is pretty scary. Run MV- that butterfly card (Monarch Programming), when I saw that card I said myself “Nooo, not BTS”. Butterfly is an ultimate sign that their minds are controlled. Also, there are a lot of death and suffering signs, labyrinth and cages in Young Forever MV. Omg, I love BTS so much, never wished them such end.


  2. Thanks before for your review, i know a lot because your previous prologue analysis.. it’s just my opinion, Jin is really alive, because in the end of ‘Run’ mv all of members except Jin are walking away and Jungkook is looking back to the car which i believe there’s Jin in there.. about V, i’m still confused if he alive or not, but i hope he is not dead.. Thanks for reading my comment and thanks again for your post ^^


    • No problem and thank you for your comment. I apologize that it’s coming so late.

      I actually wound up switching my theory around, believing is Jin is dead and everyone else is alive. I also tied in the Japanese version of I Need You, which gives a lot away as well as to why I believe that. I finally have that post up: https://minseoktea.wordpress.com/2015/12/20/mv-anaylsis-btss-run/

      Thank you again. I wanted to wait to get my post up before reading anything so I wouldn’t sway/change my own thoughts and get influenced by others.


  3. Hello! i really love your analysis on bts music videos. truthfully, i watch the run mv but didn’t think like what you have thought. i hope you will provide more explaination on this mv! ^^


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