[MV REVIEW] Kris Wu – Bad Girl

Following Z.TAO and Luhan, Kris Wu has released a song called Bad Girl. The release was to be expected since people have been waiting for Kris and Luhan to produce music since their departure from EXO. It’s funny to think about considering the time the three of them left the group. Kris left EXO first, followed by Luhan and TAO. Now with songs, it’s Z.TAO, Luhan, and now Kris.

Please watch the video and then read the review.

Needless to say, this was far from what I expected. When it comes to the three ex-members and their videos, Z.TAO’s sound was the one I expected. Luhan put out a song which seemed to place itself in the 90s early 00s hip-hop genre while Kris… Actually I have nowhere to put it. While I can’t say I was expecting a ballad or a hardcore rap song, but maybe I was hoping for something R&B? Just… Bad Girl’s melody was just far from what I anticipated.

The MV’s concept is a little confusing. Kris is seen with multiple girls, but the song is about a girl who wronged him and he knows she should let her go, but can’t. But right from the start of the music, he’s calling out the ‘bad girl’, but he could be cheating on said ‘bad girl’ with other women? Even if you take out the females he was doing a photoshoot with, he doesn’t have a lot of air time with the girl who is the actual focus for being the bad girl until the end of the video. So… pot, meet kettle?

I can’t express how bad the acting is… Some of the interactions between Kris and the blonde female look awkward. The blonde’s acting comes off as she’s a prop when Kris is yelling at her or when he’s upset. He’s angry and she looks like she’s modeling for a photoshoot behind him. Their encounters are not convincing based on her acting alone, which just makes for an uninteresting scene… or a scene that should be taken seriously but can’t help but to laugh at.

The photoshoot scenes just seem really random too. They don’t add anything to the video except but to take up time. But I’m wondering if it had to do with some sort of play on his photoshoot with Kendall Jenner for Vogue. And the motorcycle scene reminds me of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West during his video for Bound 2. My only other guess is that the girls play different ‘bad girl’ concepts?

So as the MV goes on, he gets a video recording sent to him of his…ex/current girlfriend/bad girl? There’s nothing linking as to what their relationship is. So maybe the foreigner at the beginning was just a girl to get over the other one?

And Kris’s hat. He has a shaved head for the last part of the video, but somehow, he had braids. You can’t add extension to hair you don’t already have. So he had some sort of hat with braid extensions on it? Someone please get him a new fashion designer because that was a very poor choice in coordination.  I could probably hear the silent cries of people who would be offended by that concept.

Also, why would you drag someone to the middle of the club floor to have a conversation? Did Kris do it on purpose so she wouldn’t hear or understand him?

The video could have done without the first half and stayed with the “you’re a bad girl and I can’t let you go” concept. Their tried to be a coherent storyline, but it definitely failed in execution.

As for the lyrics, they’re pretty straight forward. And for some reason, and it’s can be easily missed, there’s a Korean line in the song. In fact, it’s not sung nor said by Kris. But the words, 미안해 (I’m sorry) are uttered by a female right before the chorus hits after the first verse.

I hope Kris puts out something more interesting soon because, for me, sadly, this was a disappointment.


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