[LYRICAL ANALYSIS] VIXX’s Album – Chained Up

It’s been entirely too long and you’re coming back to a post like this. I know… but I am working on a personal post to make up for the silence.

In talking with the Seoulbeats family about VIXX and their BDSM concept, I wanted try and do an album review but more along the lines of a lyrical analysis, linking their lyrics to specific aspects of BDSM.

Now, BDSM is not something I know a lot about, in fact, I’ve heard of different kink terminology, but that’s the extent of my knowledge. I’m going to try to make this work as best as I can. I want to run with their theme of BDSM, so we are going to be taking this very strange journey… together.

Thank you to fyeah-vixx for the translation of the lyrics and differentequals about all this terminology I mainly never knew about until now.

Chained Up


Even if you coldly throw me away, it’s okay
Only you know in this world, I can’t help but come back.

Abandonment is a type emotional play. When abandoned and the Mistress returns, there’s a sense of excitement and even an inquiry of “What can I do so you won’t leave me?” might happen. Ever heard the phrase, “I’ll do anything”?

Animal Roleplaying (loosely)

When you pet me, my breath quickens
Like a beast that must be tamed by you
An itchy scar you scratch that exact spot

The reason why I mention loosely here is because it’s not that VIXX are acting like animals, but to make an understandable reference. Petting someone’s hair could just be running their hands through it. They’re likening themselves to a wild animal that needs to be tamed by the mistress. And animals (especially dogs) react very well when you scratch that one spot.


I can’t leave Chained up Chained up
Eenie meenie minie moe pain and remedy
Eenie meenie minie moe jail and paradise
You’re my jail and paradise
Click clack trapped in chains

I’m pretty sure the title track gives nothing away when it comes to being Chained Up, but the caging can go into the theme of bondage as well.


I’m hurting like this, but I can’t turn away
I keep thinking, thinking, thinking about my hands
Cause I’m not ready to go, no I’m not ready to go
I can’t ever get away from you
I thought there were no highs and lows in love
I’ll live locked up forever

It’s a matter of thinking of the consequences as to if they decide to leave. Of course, we never know what they might be (damn it Ravi), but it’s enough to make them consider not leaving. And it’s a bit silly to go into the ideal of love thinking there would be only good times. There are in fact, ups and downs, but probably this isn’t the way VIXX imaged it.


Beyond the whip that made me surrender
Restring my heart drive a nail into it BANG POW POW

Highly doubting there’s a need to explain this.


I Freeze! I’m a slave!
Nananana Nanana Nanana
I lower my wild gaze

In most instances, a slave cannot look their master in the eye when speaking to them. It can be taken as defiance, which there’s bound to be some consequences. VIXX may or may not want to find out what those consequences are.



Even if I pinch my cheeks
It’s like I’m trapped inside this weird dream

VIXX has been taken somewhere that’s not reality; trapped in a maze that they’re wandering constantly in and can’t find the exit. Since they were so obedient in Chained Up, perhaps this is the dream where they want to be set free. Every road leads to their mistress, which seems to be something unwanted now.


Now I’m tired of being tired
Everything was a misjudgment
Girl please give me some
Woo woo baby woo woo baby
Even if you come into a maze without an exit
It’s the same, everything is the same, a forever longing

MAZE running running MAZE running

My love is a crazy and deadly
MAZE running running MAZE running running
We go crazy, an endless
MAZE here and there MAZE here and there
Inside this place I can’t get out of
I’m getting used to it but
We go crazy, and endless
MAZE running running MAZE running running

Taking the lyrics as a whole, there’s mention of illusions looking like the mistress but she isn’t actually there. Conceivably the point of the maze could be, “If you can find the real me, I’ll let you out.” Also, I’m putting humiliation because it’s a definite kink and begging/pleading doesn’t seem to be. This is linking to the “Girl please give me some” for the fact that the mistress is withholding something and someone has to beg for it. Fill in the italicized as you please.

Stop it Girl


Instead of highlighting lyrics, take the song for what it’s written for. It sounds like a sweet, sentimental song: VIXX warning the girl not to put herself in the danger of the ‘wolves’, they want to protect her, and she can only smile for them.

But what if she’s doing it on purpose to make them jealous?

Didn’t think about that, did you?

Hot Enough


On the tip of my nose, your musk
It spreads all over my body and I’m getting drunk
It brings me deeper to you completely
Falling straight in So High

It’s obvious that VIXX is getting off on their Mistress’s scent. AXE for females? Probably. Except she doesn’t need marketing since the intoxicating aroma is natural.

Genital/Anal Sex

And you can throw whatever theme right onto it. There’s no sugar coating this song. If someone says it’s not about sex, they’re a liar.


I can never move
In this confusing darkness
You can hardly imagine it
Come closer when it gets dark
Replace my everything
No choice but to leave it to me
There’s no place to run
In this exciting game
You never give me a chance to rest
Come closer when it gets dark
Shake up my everything
No choice but to do it your way

All of the songs have these two roles, but there’s a reason why it’s highlighted specifically for this one: there’s a chance for switching roles. The other songs have talked about strictly dominance and Hot Enough is the combo breaker. First VIXX can do it their way for the most excitement and pleasure and then it’ll be her turn to take control and do it her way.



The song in its entirety play on the idea of a prey being trapped in a spider’s web. The more VIXX fights against the web, the more they become trapped, unable to be released. There’s the struggle and a cry for help until they succumb to the fate that awaits them.

Taking to idea of the album being in storyline, think of Hot Enough tricking VIXX into thing they had some sort of power and Spider is their punishment for assuming so.



You completely changed beauty standards
I decided to live my life standards to you
I can’t look at other girls, I only see you
You always defect my expectations
Give me something I never imagined
No time to be bored, I’m going crazy
Because of you
I fell for your everything

Homage is a fancy word for ‘worship’. It’s clear that this is paying out a massive amount of compliments to VIXX’s recipient.



Run towards the sky, fly with me
Forget the world that distressed you today
Run beyond the clouds
I’ll take responsibility for all your happiness

There’s not much guess work about this song either. It’s the role that VIXX plays to be affectionate towards the mistress and responsible for her feelings. Remember, Ken is best used on these days.


Now come here
At the top, the imagination of you and I has arrived
Only our paradise
Hold on tight
(We’re going)

To get away from all of the stress that has made the mistress unhappy she and VIXX are letting it all go and going somewhere else. Although this ‘somewhere else’ doesn’t seem to be a physical place.

Us Now


It’s you, to me it’s you
That kind of person
If it’s not you then this time
Probably wouldn’t exist
My big and thankful heart
Can’t be expressed in words
I’ll just grab your hands
And walk

Progressing more into the homage songs, the relationship is starting to level off somehow. It’s becoming less of a contract interaction and more of an actual relationship.

Can’t Say


Only you didn’t know
If I said it, it seemed like it would break
Never can be the one

The more I wanted to say it
The more I wanted to hide it
My rash decision
I’m afraid will send me further from you

Even if you can’t say love
It’s wonderful, so it’s okay
(Can’t I stay by your side)

It’s good, but my feelings are more than a friend’s
When I see my greed keeps growing
You always only tell me thank you
Never say
If I say these words at the end
What would you do
I think I know what your answer is
So I can only be said
I can’t say, never say
I can’t say, never say

So we end with a natural progression to what seems like a ‘normal relationship’ to society. But there’s a problem. So while this might have started out as a contractual relationship, VIXX is developing feelings of love for their Mistress. They want to say that they love her (since after the last three songs, they seem to be on the same level), but they’re afraid that their words will push her away and change the dynamic of their relationship. Maybe she hasn’t realized their relationship is less than fifty shades and if she does, it might flip a switch in her.

VIXX might have liked where they started out, but for sure, they like this relationship a bit better. VIXX may have known what they were getting into, but not the extent of this. Now, his mistress turned friend to lover doesn’t realize the situation she’s in and VIXX would rather her just stay blind to it.

Not to mention, VIXX is allowed to play a role of affection towards her, something they’ve seem to be holding back this entire time. At first, the emotion might have not been there. But as their relationship continued, feelings developed and with being auto-assigned to the submissive role, there was no way their feelings could ever leave their lips. But now, while it’s a better opportunity to express how they feel, they can’t voice their words of love.

The BSDM was a nice touch, but this seems like a healthier relationship to be in. I mean this in a way of BDSM all day every day and that’s the relationship VIXX was in. That sort of outlook is probably not healthy, but I’m no doctor. There’s greatness in moderation and if there’s a balance between the two, it’ll more than likely be for the best.

Storyline albums get me. I seem to really enjoy them because the thought process behind the order of the songs is clearly there. The placements of the tracks aren’t haphazard. But these are things I would have never noticed unless I sat down and did this. Soon I will actually have the Freedom and Control version because… I lack self-control and needed both in my life.


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