[MV REVIEW] Zion.T – No Makeup

Now that it is officially autumn, I find myself getting back into ballad and R&B artists. Pop and dance music season is over, see you late spring~ (says the person who went to BIGBANG’s concert yesterday). Thanks to Infinity Challenge, I discovered Zion.T, whom I’ve talked about on my blog before with Artist Impression and Artist Review. Today (or last night depending on how you look at it), he released a new single called No Makeup.

What I really like about this song is the fact that it talks about natural beauty. Of course, there are songs that reassure females to stay true to themselves like GOT7’s Just Right and even Taeyeon’s I. The beauty standards in Korea, to me, is quite ridiculous. We hear about too many idols having to go on diets to be accepted into the music industry or have surgery to improve upon or change their features. Even if women do not inspire to be idols, they’re still forced into the peer pressure of how a woman should look.

Korea is not the only place who is guilty either. All over the world, women are subjected most times to fit into some cookie cutter image and told what to do and what not want to do. Wear makeup to cover your imperfections, lose weight, don’t play rough, wear high heels, be proper…and the list goes on. And girls from the moment they’re born, are showered with compliments in their early years they are unable to comprehend. But by the time they’re able to carry on conversations with adults, most often than not, the adults who speak with them will instantly tell they how beautiful, cute, or adorable they are. They grow up with that sort of stigma in their head, so when someone defies it and tells them they’re ugly or fat, they instantly look to people who others deem perfect. As a result, they will change themselves instead of being okay with themselves.

So more encouraging and empowering music please!

What makes Zion.T so special about this particular track, in my eyes, is that it’s coming from a male. It sounds stupid, but for a man to tell a woman she’s beautiful from the moment she wakes up, she smiles best without eyeliner, and that a no makeup style looks the best, might hold a little bit more meaning. If this track was released by a female, it most likely would have encouragement coming from a peer. But in a world where women do all of these things to impress males (and some males except them to do it), the words coming from him means more. Zion.T’s not saying it an overly impressive or sugarcoated way either. It’s straight forward which works better for most females who want to know the truth when they ask if their butt looks big in that dress.

Zion.T’s vocal delivery is top-notch. There’s emotion and sincerity that’s heard in his voice to infer that he’s not saying it just because.  If fact, if you don’t get that you’re beautiful with no makeup, he’ll keep repeatedly telling you.

You don’t seem to get it, no matter how many times I say it
Silly you
But I want to tell you again and again everyday
You’re beautiful
You’re already beautiful the way you are.

He flat out means the lyrics he’s singing. Zion.T is known for having a varying and different style when it comes to the songs he puts out and collaborations he’s in, but you feel that he’s a person that wouldn’t say empty words. This track is a clear and prime example of that.

The video itself is simple and is in monochrome. At first, it doesn’t mean much, but think of it in this sort of light. Bare face is basically a blank canvas. When you go through the essentials of putting on makeup, it’s basically giving color or painting your face. At no point there is color in the video, keeping the theme of ‘no makeup’.

So to my fellow women, you are beautiful the way you are. May not mean much coming from someone you don’t know, but I tell my friends the same thing when they go on and on about the negative things about themselves. If you want to lose weight, do it on your own terms, not on someone else’s (I did the same). Don’t let society make you think you need to be a certain way. All you need to do, is be you. And if at any time you feel down and out because someone put you down about your looks, go listen to No Makeup by Zion.T to help lift your spirits, because I know I will.


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