[MV REVIEW & ARTIST IMPRESSION] iKON – My Type, Rhythm Ta, Airplane

YG promised us we would be ringing in the New Year with iKON. But VIPs and BlackJacks know that unless we see a solid teaser, the date that’s announced isn’t the true release. So the seasons passed and now iKON is finally here with the change of seasons, giving us a mini album, which is only half of the present for their arrival.

So far we have My TypeRhythm Ta, and Airplane. I want to do a general review about these three songs and iKON as a whole. First how I feel about iKON and then, MV reviews. Thanks to Colorcoded lyrics for the translations and color coding the members’ parts.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel like iKON isn’t really iKON. When I watched the all of the videos, especially My Type and Rhythm Ta, I felt the songs were B.I, and Bobby featuring iKON. I understand that B.I. and Bobby had a lot to do the album with writing the lyrics and composing, but the entire vocal line got sub parts. Let’s not talk about how Chanwoo didn’t get any solo line in Rhythm Ta (I was watching out for my bias and ‘nanananana’ is not a line) and Airplane (he shared a line with Bobby). And how it is that while B.I. and Bobby majorly handled the rapping parts, they had a lot of singing lines, especially in My Type? The focus is on the two of them while the rest of iKON basically plays the role of backup dancers and sub vocals.

It got me thinking… who is iKON? I know there might be the idea of without Bobby and B.I. there would be no iKON, but what’s the point of putting together a group when they’re going to be the only two that are highlighted? YG wants them to become a big group like BIGBANG, hence their name, but… are the other members disposable?

Personally for me, I rather not have Bobby and B.I, being iKON. I have nothing against them, but if you take them out of the picture, it’ll likely that the group will fail. The group as a whole is running on the leader’s and winner’s of Show Me the Money‘s popularity. The other members have talent, and they honed in on it thus the delay of their debut, but YG is definitely not letting it shine. It gets me thinking on the idea why the number within groups is getting more and more ridiculous. If a group has more than 4 or 5 members, how is anyone supposed to shine and show their talents? Or if you let certain members do, everyone else is just… there without much of a purpose.


One thing I can mention is that like groups or artists that can be versatile. They can run the hip hop game and still have a calm side. I like the mellow melody that compliments both the singing and the rapping parts. The video rocks the pastel look for a softer tone and playful melody.

As I mentioned before, why are the rapper overpowering the vocalists? The rappers have rapping AND singing parts. I can’t think of a good reason for this considering the vocalists in this group have good voices. I could understand if someone’s pitch didn’t fit the song, but you have five other singers and you can’t say none of them vocally didn’t match the song.

The interactions between the members seem comfortable versus Rhythm Ta, which is below. It makes me believe that even though this was the first release, this might have been the second video recorded.


This song would need to grow on me. The track flows smoothly and it doesn’t sound awkward. Although, the acting in the video that wasn’t the basketball game or the dancing sections felt forced, especially the locker room scenes. It didn’t have that natural feeling My Type had. I’m not sure, but there’s a suspicion that this might have been the first recorded video because the interactions between the members feel stiff and uncomfortable. Perhaps in My Type, they loosened up and were able to act more naturally.

Also there is controversy about the lyrics dissing idols.

We’re not picky, for example a time and place
We don’t try to act cool, for example, idols these days
We are having fun, what other reason do you need?

I don’t think it was a diss, just an observation of how some companies want their idols to be a ‘type’ or a cookie cutter theme. And probably because YG is one of the companies that are more lax and have more creative freedom which can play into the “we’re having fun, what other reason do you need” section.

But I can see where the other side of the opposition is coming from. It does come off cocky and debut idols looking down on those experienced in the business. Hip-hop have a fine line between a diss and ‘tell it like it is’ attitude.


This track left the hip hop field and went a little R&B. And to fit the theme, they went a different route for the video. The other two that came before it were focused on them singing, dancing, and interacting with each other. This time it decided to work on a story line aspect, but again, B.I. and Bobby are NOT the only members of iKON. Unless you’re going to say that no other members have acting talent, two other members could have taken the lead and those two with the supportive roles.

Although the story line was a nice little twist, it sort of leaves it unresolved. B.I. and Bobby like the same girl, girl has feelings for B.I., but….leaves without telling anyone? But why? Usually there’s some sort of backstory that a main character finds out by accident, but there was nothing. Unless there’s a follow up song and video for it, it felt sort of out of place to put a song to a plotless story with a major cliffhanger with no information.

The video overall and song are enjoyable. The video itself reminded me a little bit of Taeyang’s Wedding Dress, with the whole third wheel love triangle aspect.

edit 10/10: I did a more in depth review of Airplane over at Seoulbeats.

It’s obvious that with these songs, Bobby and B.I. are the sole focuses of iKON. No one else’s talent is exposed like theirs. Seriously, I feel like everything so far is B.I. and Bobby featuring Junhoe, Chanwoo, Jinhwan, Yunhyung, and Donghyuk.

As more songs and videos come out, I’ll most likely be reviewing them. I am intrigued by iKON and want them to do great things. As of right now, I feel a bit let down by them, but it’s only the beginning.


3 thoughts on “[MV REVIEW & ARTIST IMPRESSION] iKON – My Type, Rhythm Ta, Airplane

  1. Hello..
    That was very nice review. It covered all the thing i also felt.
    Since i do not really know ikon before their debut (win or mix match). I only know little about them. But since its YG, bigbang successor, you know, i expecting something. I only know few members, like bobby who win smtm3 ,rap skill and his charm, B.I leadership, and chanwoo the actor (especially as young Lee min ho).
    Like you said, it was like double b ft ikon. bi and bobby has more part than others, and there are 7 people in group, vocal part only got small portion. I know the two take part in creating the music,but..hmm
    For chanwoo, actually, i feel he’s a bit stiff or something. Idk how to say it (but he’s good at dancing). And because i only know chanwoo as an actor, never seen him dance or sing before, so I put some attention on him, monitored his part in every video (so far released). Hmm.. again like you said, he got very small part, that i couldnt recognize his part (on rhythm ta) until watch the live performance. & Its only ‘na na na na na’. Waa
    (I dont mean being sarcasm or anything bad. Just guessing and asking). By any chance, maybe double b actually wanted to make group of 2 only? I mean, long time ago, like their sunbae, gd actually wanted to debut as group of 2 with taeyang (if i’m not hearing it wrong).
    Sorry for longpost comment.


    • Hi =] Thank you for commenting!

      I know of them because I did watch Mix and Match but it was after it was over… and I was familiar with Win.

      Chanwoo I completely agree. I watch him and I’m like “precious child is so awkward” but I think he definitely has a lot of room for improvement and can expand upon his talents. And yes, the boy can dance! I think he’ll need some time to feel comfortable and he’ll be bright enough to shine on his own!

      You know, I wouldn’t be surprised at that, with B.I. and Bobby probably wanting to be like that. And you’re right GD and YB too. Who knows? But to be honest, unlike GD, I don’t think B.I. or Bobby could make it on their own. Sure, they can use iKON as support, but iKON is a GROUP… not a duo.

      And it’s not a problem at all. Don’t worry about it =]


  2. I agree with your review. I thought the singing parts among the members are unjust.
    I know that BI and Bobby who wrote and compose all the songs in the album, but what’s the point of making a group if only two of them singing most of it.
    I like their album. It’s great.
    But BI as the leader and writer/composer should know the vocal character of each member, so that all the members have their right part on the song.
    BI should learn from GD, i think.

    I hope on the next album, i could listen each member singing part more.


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