[MV REVIEW] Zion.T – No Makeup

Now that it is officially autumn, I find myself getting back into ballad and R&B artists. Pop and dance music season is over, see you late spring~ (says the person who went to BIGBANG’s concert yesterday). Thanks to Infinity Challenge, I discovered Zion.T, whom I’ve talked about on my blog before with Artist Impression and Artist Review. Today (or last night depending on how you look at it), he released a new single called No Makeup.

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Announcement time!

I’m sure if you’ve been following my blog, the lack of updates and segments are completely apparent, pretty much all of last month. Well, during that time, I was actually under training. And now that it’s official, I can say that I’m a part of the Seoulbeats family as a writer. Of course that means a lot of things, but here’s a small run down of concerns:

  1. No, I won’t be abandoning my blog. This is something I’ve wanted to do and I will continue to do it. Whatever I happen not to write about there, I will here.
  2. Yes, I will still review songs/artists as best as I can. I really want to continue my artist impression/review more than anything else.
  3. Since I’m some what a little shorter to write on time, I’m thinking of having some audio related posts. If you’re not aware, radio is something I used to do within the realm of Asian music and I want to get back into doing that. So I will try and have one audio post a week… I hope.
  4. If you ever comment on something, I will see it and I WILL reply. Just be patient! And it doesn’t matter if it’s a old post or one of my first ones, I will definitely get back to you.
  5. If at any time you want to reach out to me, you can. Either leave a comment or email me @ madivoices@gmail.com
  6. A plan by the end of the year is to convert this into a site and not just a blog. I may change the name… but everything else will stay the same.

Phew! I want to thank everyone who have stuck with me through the luls of silence that this belong as had.

[MV REVIEW & ARTIST IMPRESSION] iKON – My Type, Rhythm Ta, Airplane

YG promised us we would be ringing in the New Year with iKON. But VIPs and BlackJacks know that unless we see a solid teaser, the date that’s announced isn’t the true release. So the seasons passed and now iKON is finally here with the change of seasons, giving us a mini album, which is only half of the present for their arrival.

So far we have My TypeRhythm Ta, and Airplane. I want to do a general review about these three songs and iKON as a whole. First how I feel about iKON and then, MV reviews. Thanks to Colorcoded lyrics for the translations and color coding the members’ parts.

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