[MUSIC REVIEW] Live vs Recorded – Latest Infinity Challenge Music Festival (Part 3)

Welcome back to my final review of the Infinity Challenge Music Festival. Touching upon the last 3 performances and songs from the Festival.

Sangjuna – My Life,상주나

Wow, I am impressed. Junha Jung and his partner Yoonsang worked very hard to accomplish the final result. Junha improved a lot and I am glad he had Benzino’s rap direction. His rapping went from cringe level to exceptional. Overall, the stage was great. The black and white suits the EDM artists wore looked good together. Yoonsang’s singing voice was very good and has the type I like; soothing. Not only that, it helps contrast the EDM tempo and Hyorin’s part.

There’s one thing I did not like in the song; Hyorin’s vocals. Her voice is amazing but overpowered the song which caused it not to complement Yoonsang’s lower register. Her sections took away from the aesthetic of the track, making it less enjoyable.

When Junha and Joo Min Jeong came on stage with the lifts; I did not expect the break dancing.  I wasn’t expecting much from Junha but both of them did amazing.  He’s not a rapper or a pop/break dancer so to see him do so well, I was proud of him.

After listening to the track, Hyorin’s high vocals are still off-putting. The second thing I didn’t like about the song was the beginning of his 2nd rap verse. From a performance standpoint, it works since the audience can sing along but it’s too repetitive as a song.  Overall, I rank this as my forth favorite song from the night.

JYP and JSY – Dancing genome – I’m so sexy

The funky outfits and the cheesy paparazzi opening had me laughing. It screamed Jaesuk’s style of dancing and fashion. JYP definitely made a song and dance, just for Jaesuk with a touch of JYP in there for good measure. Something to note about Jaesuk: he can actually sing and rap quite well when given the right material.  He’s so talented, it’s scary. The dance choreo match the song well. It had that “I’m all that” swag to it. The stage gave off the vibe of a person who thinks he’s the sexiest, which coincided with the song. I enjoyed their performance; it’s fun and allowed the audience to sing and dance along to.

The sleazy sounding sax starts and then is accompanied by trumpets after the introduction makes it sound like an 80s dance track with a modern beat.  After listening to it many times; I realized it’s the Korean version of A Night at the Roxberry. Love the song but the energy of the dance is missing. This is definitely a song to perform to but I won’t mind listening to it if it came up on my random shuffle.

The 5 Emperor – wonderful barn

Country is not my thing.  I did not enjoy the stage as much as I should because of the genre.  As much as Jung Hyung Don tried to hype up the performance, with his dancing and “YeeeHAAA”; it didn’t work for me.  I did not like Jung Hyung’s performance. There was one impressive thing; Oh Hyuk’s vocals.  His vocals were outstanding, he showed a range not shown in their songs. This was my least favorite performance of the night, and sadly could be due to my bias against the Country genre.

Oh Hyuk’s live vocals and the energy of the live stage is missing, making the song more subdued. Nevertheless, his vocals are still great. I think it is a song that has to grow on you because the fast beat and vocals are catchy. Strangely, the subdued feeling makes Jung Hyung Don’s vocal shine more. Without the visual aspect, (his distracting dancing and stage cringing act), it matches well with Oh Hyuk’s. It is still my least favorite song but it is definitely better than the live.


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