[MV ANALYSIS] BTS 화양연화 On Stage Prologue Follow up pt.1

Within a couple of a days, the BTS 화양연화 On Stage Prologue has become one of the most viewed entries on my site. First of all, thank you fellow A.R.M.Y. and non-A.R.M.Y. for coming to read the theory and I hope it answered your questions about the video. Some have shared the post in other places, and for that, I thank you. Every little bit helps.

I have seen the search terms which brought many here. Sadly some of the terms that linked my site didn’t happen to answer questions inputted in the search bar. So this post will be a follow up to some of the questions asked before the second part of the Most Beautiful Moment in Life happens in October.

  1. Why was Jin’s part removed?

I don’t have an answer for this. I wasn’t aware until someone searched it. And sure enough, the original video linked was turned to private and when the re-upload happened, the scene after the credits was missing. I’m sure it was meant to be there in the first place, but maybe they took it out to have it expanded at a later time. Who knows, they might do more additional scene teasers up until the release or even during to understand the entire plot line from I Need You into this album.

  1. Why did V jump?

Since I do not work for Big Hit Entertainment (even though I would like to), I didn’t come up with the story line. But this is merely speculation and it was lightly touched on in my previous entry.

If the theories hold true that all the members die except for Jin at the end, then V has to die somehow. In I Need You, he is seen stabbing an abusive partner of his ex’s (or someone important to him. I assumed it was his ex, but it could have been his sister) to death. He only has a couple of options:

  • Turn himself in for murder, thus meaning to spend the rest of his life in jail or the death penalty.
  • Live his life on the run and hope that the female doesn’t go to the police, someone doesn’t file a missing person report, or anything that would get the authorities involved.
  • If the event weighs heavily on his mind and he is filled with regret, kill himself because he doesn’t see any viable option to continue his life knowing that he killed someone.
  1. What does V say?

With the limited Korean I know, it sounds like he says, “Hyung, I want to see you.” The subtitled video that I linked to replace the Big Hit one in the original post says the same thing. Although, I think I remember seeing someone else translate it differently. But like I said, I’m sure he said he wanted to see his brother (ie. what males call an older brother, doesn’t have to be blood related). And to follow up with that, I believe he called Jin.

  1. What does the song Butterfly mean?

Honestly, I don’t know. Again, working with limited Korean here and I don’t think anyone has subbed the song or at least the parts of it heard in the video (truthfully I haven’t looked). I will be able to answer this question more thoroughly once I hear Butterfly in its entirety and know what the lyrics mean. But my guess is that it talks about freedom and letting go.

  1. What’s the meaning behind I Need You and Butterfly?

I Need You is one of BTS’s most successful songs. That song and video leads you into the prologue and Butterfly. Generally, a handful of BTS songs talk about freedom in some form or another (N.O., Move) which if you think about it, is the opposite of I Need YouI Need You is about holding onto someone that has walked out on your life that you need versus Butterfly which can symbol a release and a new beginning.

Butterflies are usually used as a metaphor to mean change; a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. I guess you can think this way: caterpillars can only look up at the sky which is out of their reach. It’s tethered to the ground, with the ability to climb yes, but that’s as far as it will get. During that time, it falls victim to attacks from those higher on the food chain. Let that serve as an analogy for the hardships in life that one faces. Perhaps the time in the cocoon is the time between the two releases of the song. And Butterfly represents coming out of the dark moments in life to become a new person that can face the day and touch the sky it desired. You can look back at the ‘place’ you were in. Once you overcome it the hardships, you become a new person and realize that you are stronger that you actually believe.

Speculation of course.

  1. Does Jin die in the prologue?

No, I believe Jin is the only member alive. He’s in the pictures by himself, he records the memories he holds dear, and has no scenes leading up to his death or an implied one. Although, that doesn’t mean a couple of things:

  • He stayed strong for the others, thus lived.
  • He watched V die right in front of him.
  • Losing all of his friends triggered a mental illness of him living in the past (ie. Borderline Personality Disorder).

Honestly, between these two videos, we know the least about Jin. Of course we find out more in the prologue, but Jin in I Need You has very little backstory and build up. It would be out right crazy if Jin is actually dead and all the other members are alive, but I highly doubt that.

That covers the concerns and questions I saw come up. If there are any additional questions about the prologue or I Need You, please ask and I will try my best to answer them! Remember this is what I think, my theories, and not necessarily the outcome and thoughts of Big Hit Entertainment. But if I happen to be right, petition Big Hit to hire me. I’m joking, but that would be totally awesome if that happened as an outcome.


10 thoughts on “[MV ANALYSIS] BTS 화양연화 On Stage Prologue Follow up pt.1

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  2. Wow, I had a totally different opinion on this video ._. But I guess we all have our own thoughts and yours really makes sense. We just have to wait to see what BTS has in mind 🙂 You can see what I think if you want, I have a post on it but it sounds a little different from yours.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I thought it was the mirror in J-HOPE’s part in I NEED YOU, so I went back to watch it and it’s not. I’m glad you pointed that out. The only who might have a mirror in their scene is Jimin, but we never see it. But usually when people commit suicide via a tub, they put themselves in cold water… which would mean Jimin would never see the message because there would need to be heat to create steam for RM’s message to be visible.

      On that note, you’re probably right. I know the ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ of the group are Jin and Rap Monster and they’re the ones who really look out and take care of the other members. So I think it could mean two things:
      1. Even though you might feel guilty about what happened to us, “you need to survive” because what occurred wasn’t your fault.
      2. If Jin does that that weak moment, and he happens to see that message, it could be a “you need to survive” and be strong for all of us who weren’t.

      Cause if you couldn’t be there for someone you care about, you’d probably blame yourself for not being able to do something or do couldn’t do more.

      That scene is definitely there for a reason even though it seems out of place. I hope they expand on that because they wouldn’t have him write it without someone seeing it later on.


  3. isn’t the person that V stabbed was his dad? because V was seen holding a photograph and then crumble it right? if the person was his ex’s boyfriend, why he has a photo of him?


    • Honestly… I’m not sure… I went back to look at the video and compare the picture to the murder scene so to speak. First, the photo it’s hard to tell if the person is male or female. But let’s go with the notion of being male to fit what you’re bringing up. Facial feature wise, the only similarity I see is the eyebrows… But of course it’s at least 15 years apart. But you could be right only because looking at the barring of the windows of the apartment V walked out of, it’s similar. But I feel like if it was the father… I don’t know, why I feel like the sister should have been in the picture too. But we also don’t know who is older. If V is older, then it makes sense for the sister not to be in there.

      But if we say that the person V stabbed wasn’t the father, I still go with the theory that it’s an abusive lover of some sort because it could be just parental abandonment too…

      I never touched on the photo V had because I had no idea who it might have been. And honestly now I still have no solid theory about it. I still think it’s a parental figure, maybe his real father. Or maybe the person V stabbed was an abusive step-father.

      I really hope they put out something so it can help us out.


  4. Hello, I am super confused about these videos! Is Prologue supposed to be a preview for the Butterfly music video? Or are they separate? It doesn’t make sense to me that it would be a preview but that’s what my friend said. I hear Butterfly’s music video is supposed to come out this month but I can’t find anything online for some reason either.


    • Hello!

      I don’t believe it’s a preview for Butterfly. The prologue is to serve as a, well prologue, to their next album since it’s part two of part one. The way I see it (and you may want to check out my analysis on the video if you haven’t already http://wp.me/p6hbEv-5D) the video serves as a conclusion to the storyline of “I Need You” and a prologue to The Most Beautiful Moment in Life pt.2.

      And as far as I’m aware, BigHit hasn’t released anything yet, but October isn’t over, so please look out for it!


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