The teaser came first months ago, so I had been wondering what happened with all the scenes? They seemed out of place to be featured in T.A.O., but now, an answer has been given. The teaser Z.TAO published some time back was actually scenes from his newest song entitled Crown. The MV is less of a music video and more along the lines of a short film. Give it a watch and I’ll spill my thoughts after.

To be quite honest, I wasn’t even paying attention to the song. The video overpowered the track, making it just background noise while watching the cinematics.  I even watched a clip from his mini concert which featured dancing that exposes a loss of love being close and then taken away, but even then, the song has a buildup…but then it falls right back down. The lyrics have a deep meaning behind them and I like them in fact. It fits well with the melody. But if I were listening to this track on my MP3 player, I would have to be in a depressed or emotional state because it would match that feeling.

The long and short of it seems to be that TAO fell in love with a girl, there might have been some betrayal by her, he still longs for her, time and time again goes through the same scenario: meet with some guy who knows where his ex is, gives TAO coordinates (assuming longitude and latitude) to her location and a verbal contract to know what he’s getting into, finds the girl, gets the crap beat out of him, he’s dumped in the ocean, washes up on shore, then somehow finds his way back to his rooftop apartment, showers, changes and… wash rinse, repeat…

Even still, the more important question is who is this guy that TAO keeps meeting that he knows this woman’s exact location every single time considering it keeps changing? And moreover, if TAO repeats the same situation and keeps coming up short, then why does he keep going through with it without seemingly changing his plan? If they happened to show two cycles of his search, then there would be hope that every time he meets her, he’s not repeating the same thing that caused him to fail previously.

No doubt theories are being thrown around about who the people in the video represent.  Of course the first thing that comes up is TAO and his relationship with SM. The guy at the beginning can possibly symbolize the ‘contract’ since he asks TAO if he understands the consequences. Those in the masks can be the hardships he had to face; after he was knocked down, bloodied and hurting, he got back up and ‘overcame’ them. They could have been conflicts with SM/EXO, netizens, situations, etc. The woman is obviously being not held captive and just sits on her throne when TAO walks towards her. Hell, it comes off as she’s looking down at him with a cocky air. So she could signify the fame he’s been seeking (because it’s not easily achieved) but is dragged away from it, not being able to achieve it. When he goes back and he’s asked again if he’s aware of the consequences, TAO replies with, “Do you know where she is?” Initial thought: him being blinded by his goal of wanting to be famous (as mentioned in his Sina interview). And he’s even asked, “You sure you want to do this… again?” It can allude to his determination of not giving up on his dream.

Needless to say, the filming and cinematics where great.  The MV represents the song well, but as mentioned earlier, the video takes away from the song, making it a BGM not be paid any mind. All in all, it doesn’t make me any less interested in what Z.TAO will be doing with his future.


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