[MUSIC REVIEW] DAY6 – Congratulations

I have to say, JYP seems to be on a band kick and there is nothing wrong with the new motion. In fact, it’s enjoyable. First the Wonder Girls returned as a band and now, DAY6, a six member male band has made their debut. The group contains members: Sung Jin, Jae, Young K, Jun Hyeok, Won Pil and Do Woon. Outside of F.T. Island, there aren’t many bands, or rather well known ones, in the big music scene. They tend to be more indie than anything else. To be honest, I have only heard about them recently and from that point on, I waited for their debut.

So now they’re here with a mini album entitled The Day and their title track, Congratulations. Always thankful to JYPE because they were the first to jump on subtitling their videos so you don’t have to wait for someone else to do it.

In love, in love, in love! For a rookie debut, DAY6 has come on strong. The song is great, vocals are nothing less than amazing, the lyrics are meaningful, and the video has that grunge indie look.

The song talks about being in a good relationship until a ‘break’ is imposed. But in reality, the ‘break’ was short for ‘breakup’ and the significant other has moved on and started dating someone else. The lyrics are come off as, ‘Oh wow, did you really just do that?’ So the congratulations is half being happy for them, the other half mocking.

Let’s take a break
I took those words as they were
All we need is time
That’s the way I understood.
Congratulations, you’re unbelievable.
Congratulations, how could you do that?

The theme of the song is: you didn’t even try to get over this hurdle, but instead you ran away. Relationships are far from easy. There will be times you want to give up because the situations that come up are too difficult to deal with. Sometimes people live in the illusion that relationships are supposed to be perfect and there will be no conflict. Maybe in fairy tales, but in the real world, no one and nothing is perfect. But if you want to be loved, you have to endure those times, be open, and communicate. Most fallouts tend to happen (not restricted to love, friendships too) because of the lack of communication and wavering trust. If you truly love someone, you would make the time to talk out the problem at hand. People are not guessing machines, so if they’re doing something wrong or taking actions that upset you, they won’t know unless you speak up. Don’t wait until you’re unable take it anymore, explode, then walk away from the situation. Silence hurts more than words.

Now you don’t even answer the phone
I hear that monotone voice instead of you.
Though there are hard times in life,
You couldn’t overcome that little moment and went far away for an alternative

In the video, the girl most likely was the one to instill a break on their relationship. But in the end, she moved on without properly ending what was between them. So when the two meet on the subway train, it’s written all over her face that she did wrong and she knows she did wrong by him. The guy who she technically never broke up first is in a state of shock because it was supposed to be their ‘give it space and time moment’. It’s clear to him now that was not her intention and he shouldn’t have taken her words at face value. His facial expression goes from shock to disbelief, to being able to close out this chapter in his life. He was stuck because he couldn’t move on for he was waiting for her. But seeing that she’s happy with some other guy (who is blind to notice his new girlfriend taking glimpses at her ex, or in his case, a stranger who happens to be male), he comes to terms with the situation at hand and puts it behind him, by walking about the train without saying a word. Now it’s his turn to move on.

Even with the last set of lyrics, the MV reflects them for the fact of how she left and ignored him and now he does the same. Why should he acknowledge her existence when she erased his from her life? She was so worried he was going to say something, with the glances at him and her current boyfriend. But the whole time he pays no attention to her and leaves.

You left me waiting
And all at once, you left me
And met that other guy, as if I was never there
You fell in love

To be honest, I haven’t followed a JYPE artist closely since RAIN. But I think I might have just found my next artist to follow.


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