[MUSIC REVIEW] Live vs Recorded – Latest Infinity Challenge Music Festival (Part 1)

Have you ever listened to a new song, and think to yourself “Was that good? Did I like it?” only to continue listening to it some more to decide if you do.  After all the many replays, you decide to determine it after watching the live performance of said song.  Welcome to Live vs Recorded, my opinion based music review that tries to connect the different aspects of live performances to the studio recorded version of a song to fully appreciate the song more or in some cases, less.

My first review is on Infinity Challenge’s 2015 Music Festival since it is the most recent event.  With the broadcast of the Festival on MBC, the mp3 songs were also released; allowing viewers to listen to the studio recorded tracks after watching the live performances or vise versa.  In my situation, I watched the live first, then listened to the studio recorded songs.  I will go through each song (but only 2 at a time) and express how I feel about them from watching the performances, then to listening to the tracks.

Hwangtaeji- Mapsosa, 황태지 – 맙소사

Blame it on the choreo or the camera man but the performance was a bit messy.  Actually, blame the producer aka GDYB; the song was a mess.  They did exactly what Kwanghee wanted, a mixture of Bang Bang Bang and Fantastic Baby. They even added the 3rd section of Bang Bang Bang at the end of this song with a few minor differences but since it is a GD produced song, he can’t sue himself for plagiarism.  I love Taeyang’s vocal parts, it fits the beat that drops to for his part.  Kwanghee singing part was him clearly letting the backtrack do most of the work but he did okay on his rap.  Even with the messy performance, I would watch it time to time, since the song and performance was enjoyable and full of energy.

After listening to the mp3, I didn’t enjoy it too much.  That energy from the live is missing, so it sounds like another average Kpop song.  Taeyang’s vocals are still amazing but the last part in the song, the “hype you up” part feels so flat.  If there is any reason for me to listen to this song or add it to my playlist, it would be to listen to Taeyang.

EU God-G isn’t EU – Leon

Next group is Park Myung Soo and IU’s song, Leon.  This was a fun song and performance.  It was funny seeing PMS’ hands shaking when he started his rap in the beginning.  It could have been nervousness or terrorified from the lift, lol.  IU’s vocals weren’t that great, sounded like she wasn’t in the best condition. Her playful charm with PMS in the sexy, jazzy song was great.  The highlight for me was the ending; PMS gets his EDM part he always wanted.  I loved the energy of the crowd as they bounced along with PMS’ assistant (who is awesome from his parts in IC) having no care in the world that he is flashing his big belly to the world (lol).

The studio recorded version is a great song.  PMS’ vocals and simple rapping compliments IU’s high tone.  Since its recorded, IU’s clear vocals shines through and the feelings of the live permeates in the song.  The instrumentals are amazing during PMS’ parts and it never changes the general genre of the song, its a jazz pop song from beginning to end. Thankfully the EDM part was live only.  I love the song from first listen and it seems that South Korea agrees with me. It’s the #1 song on the charts atm (as of my writing) and the only song from the festival to achieve a Perfect All Kill on the charts.

Next post will touch on Zion T. and Haha’s $ponser and Sangjuna’s song, My Life.


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