Here I am thinking these were supposed to come out on Saturdays, but clearly it’s Thursdays. And right now, totally not posted on the correct day. I’m thinking about switching up how this is done anyway. Maybe will just pick a month and talk about a proposed artist in features (impressions, discography, reviews, ranking, etc). It might make it a bit easier on me. (If it works out, October will be about BIGBANG.)

But here I am now, following up on my impression post of VIXX. I’ve spent over a week listening to the following albums: Boy’s Record, Error, Eternity, hyde, Jekyll, VOODOO, On and On, Only You, and 아이돌 하기 싫어, plus Leo and Ravi’s Beautiful Liar. I’ll be talking about VIXX first and then their sub-unit LR.

Overall, I can say I found another group that sounds very versatile in their genre/sound. I listen to “dark” songs like Error and hyde, then get thrown into ballads like Love Letter and Someday, to pop sounding melodies such as Rock Ur Body and Love Equation. I mentioned on twitter that I don’t know how to I feel because I get comfortable to be completely thrown off.

Needless to say, I like their darker sounding tone. Songs like hyde, After Dark, Error, Eternity, etc. sets them apart from other kpop groups. And because of that, I believe I’m drawn to them. Anything else (examples: 그만 버티 feat. Minah Of Girl’s Day, 어떡하지, 아이돌 하기 싫어) sounds like a generic kpop song that anyone can put out. Even though Love Equation is a remake/cover of a previous song, I really find myself liking it a lot.

Granted, as of right now, even before the sub-unit, the only names I knew from the group was Ravi and Leo. And I knew there was a one-letter name member of the group, but that’s it. I’ll have to take the time to figure out who is who: names to faces and voices. That’s going to have to come with time with watching color coded lyrics videos like how I did for EXO and BTS.

My guess is Ravi is in charge of awkward sounding English lines. There’s not much wrong with pronunciation (considering he said ‘catharsis’ pretty clearly vs N saying ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ and I didn’t even catch that). But some of his sentences don’t make grammatical sense. For example, one of the opening lines of hyde is, “We started from the bottom. But we just do it now, huh?!” I want to assume that it’s a play on, “We’ve started from the bottom and now we’re here.” But… doing what exactly, Ravi? The sentence before that said that the “We killing this track right now,” If we even were to say “we just do it now” refers to “killing this track right now,” then what does that have to do with “we started from the bottom?” But seriously, this makes no grammatical sense because there’s no link to what he referencing. (Also, we’re going to ignore the word ‘heart’ because most idols can’t say it correctly.)

When it comes to their sub-unit, there isn’t much opinion on if the two artists’ voices meshed together versus any other pairing because of the unfamiliarity of their sound individual sounds. But my opinion, they work. I like Ravi production of Ghost and the melody of Leo’s solo: 할 말. After Beautiful Liar, Remember is my next favorite song. I feel like Ravi’s rapping flows better on this album than within some of the VIXX songs.

Interesting enough, there was a VIXX song on the album, My Light. Not LR featuring N, Hyuk, Ken, and Hongbin but an actual VIXX song. Was there a rush to release this song for the fact that it’s wasn’t placed on a VIXX album? Curious to know what was behind the reasoning here.

I’ve known about VIXX for some time now but considered them just a new face/group and let them pass me by. Now I’m backtracking. Overall, I’m impressed with the sound. I don’t know if I’ll follow them like I do another Hallyu stars, but if they put out something new, I’m plan on listening to it.

I may think about making a post focused on their music videos and visual, since this was pretty much on their sound and songs.


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