(These posts, hopefully, will show up a week after the previous artist impression posts so I can tell you about what I think about said artist’s music.)

So after my artist impression post, I spent a good three days, listening to nothing but 자이언티’s music. I spent that time listening to every album except Eat. I listen to music at work, so pretty much we’re talking seventeen songs on repeat for about nine hour period.

Ah, before we move on, if you’re reading just the English conversation of his stage name, it’s not pronounced how you would expect. It’s not ZEE-ON-TEE. It’s ZAI-ON-TEE. If you don’t know Hangul, then you wouldn’t have known. I made that mistake but quickly corrected it when he says his name in Click Me (2013).

To be honest, I was blown away because I live in a bubble called Korean pop. Zion.T’s genre isn’t the type I normally listen to when it comes to Korean music. I grew up with R&B, so I feel like with Zion.T, I’m listening to music somewhere within the 80s, possibly early 90s. His voice and style reminds me of Bruno Mars with an optional reggae tone (think Show Me), which I wasn’t expecting the latter within a Korean music realm. Not saying that it isn’t possible, but it was a nice surprise. I didn’t like every track, but I liked a lot. Still, 양화대교 and 그냥 featuring Crush stay on the top of the list for me. She featuring Beenzino, Click Me (2013) feat. Dok2, 뻔한 멜로디 (feat. Crush),무중력, and 마담 have now been added to my favorites play list (alternatively called MIXTAPE on my iPod).

R&B isn’t very big in the Korean music world from what I know, but his work has caught my attention and I will definitely be following him in an appreciative matter.


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