[RANKING WARS] Se7en’s Discography

My plan was to actually do a female group for this post, but I plan to throwback a bit and do a male solo artist that has recently popped back into the entertainment scene. Yes, next up in RANKING WARS is the one and only 1 2 3 4 5 6 Se7en!

Ranking is from favorite/most listened to to least favorite/listened to. Released promotional singles (according to Wikipedia) and Korean ones only!

Come Back to Me
Once, Just Once
I’m Going Crazy
Digital Bounce
When I Can’t Sing
I Just Wanna Be
Somebody Else
Better Together
Baby I Like You Like That
Money Can’t Buy Me Love
La La La
Come Back to Me Pt. 2
I Know

NO RANK Be Good to You
NO RANK Love Again

Oh boy, I totally missed out on some songs here. Also, you can sort of see that a lot of his older songs made it to the top half of the list.

Come Back to Me was actually the first song I heard by Se7en and honestly, it was what made me follow him as an artist. And I remember Once, Just Once was one of the first choreographed songs I decide to learn of his. Digital Bounce is up there partially because of T.O.P from Big Bang, but it was a song I had on repeat for a long time. And I think I remember learning some of the dance for that song as well.

I have a knack for liking Se7en when it comes to his slower, but not necessarily ballad, songs. Not to say that he’s not good with faster songs (see where DB ranks), but songs like When I Can’t Sing just get me. Se7en undoubtedly has a very passionate voice and that’s what drew me into his music.

This ranking was especially strange because, most of these songs, I really like. Probably Come Back to Me Pt. 2 and I Know I can do without, but all of these would definitely be on a playlist if I’m in the mood for 최동욱. But as mentioned before, his older songs are ranked higher because his first album (Come Back to Me, I Just Wanna Be, Once, Just Once, Baby I Like You Like That) I fell in love with.

For next time, maybe I’ll consider doing a female solo artist considering I haven’t done any RW for ANY females. We’ll see.. I’m not too keen on female groups/artists.


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