As recommended from one of the comments on my blog (thank you Himei!), I made some time to listen to two of the songs linked from Zion.T.. I went into this pretty blind; heard the name maybe once or twice before, but nothing beyond that. Simply, there was no telling of what to expect and what I was about to get myself into.

First, I listened/watched 양화대교 (Yanghwa BRDG). I heard the first couple of notes and auto thought “so far so good because I like ballads.” Normally, they a very sing song tone to follow and you hear the ‘na na na na, na na na na’ melody that flows within the song which only served to pull me in more.

Initially, (thank you 1theK for putting out subs) the lyrics took hold of me more in versus the voice. But when he hit that “Mother” note right at the beginning of the second chorus, I felt like I was hit with a wave of emotions. It was as if there was a sigh from a breath I didn’t realize I was holding. After that moment, mentally, I said, “sign me up to follow this artist, right now.”

The melody is simple, but it’s laced with powerful lyrics and a voice that draws you in and grabs your attention. There are things I subconsciously look it songs and in artists to figure out if I will continue to listen to their music. Of course, someone can be impressed by one song, and not like any others, so… onto the next song that was linked, 그냥 (Just) featuring Crush.

“If you’re saying hi because I look down, don’t worry about my feelings, just pass me by.” Once I finish this post, I am off to find the reasoning behind this song or rather, the inspiration for this song because no one easily says those seventeen words. Not only do the lyrics dig deep into your emotions if you’ve experienced a loss or a troubling situation, but they continue to describe someone in some sort of turmoil, trying to get a handle on their feelings or whatever they may be going through that the moment. This song easily brought of up memories when I experienced things I didn’t want to or didn’t know how to deal with. And even the, “I really don’t like you. In fact, I hate you, despise you,” I felt it wasn’t something you could say to someone else, but to yourself as well.

Okay, let’s wrap this up before I sit here and analyze the song. (Maybe I’ll make that another item on my blog.)

For this blind item, I can definitely say I will, in fact, look into Zion.T more. A good voice paired with great lyrics and you’re messing with my emotions? You have me at your feet.

So feel free to give me an artist and I will write about them in my next A.I post. There’s great artists out there and I want to know more about them. And even if it’s someone I’m following or listening to now, if I remember my first impression of them, you’ll be the first to know.


2 thoughts on “[ARTIST IMPRESSION] Zion.T

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