The little blog that could: 60 days!

I totally got lost in everything didn’t I? I didn’t even mention when my blog was only one month old. But now it’s two!… and I don’t have anything to show for celebration. I’m happy to be writing and sharing my thoughts and information. So thank you to everyone who’s come across my blog and have read my posts. Especially you, yes you, the person who returns to this little space every so often to check in for updates.

I promise I’ll get more on a writing schedule. The only thing that seems to be set in stone is the RANKING WARS which will be posted every other Saturday. So if you’re new around these parts, that will come out next Saturday, not tomorrow. (And check out of the previous ones to get yourself caught up!) I will try do a music view on Mondays.

There are so many things I’m behind onbut between real life, health, and just everything, I haven’t had the time. I haven’t even had the time to study and my plan was to do a chapter a day. But then my health failed, I got sick, and now I’m going to PT for my back. So yeah, I’m trying to play catch up. My plan is still be semi-fluent and or understand 80% of the conversations for when BIGBANG comes around in October, so I still have some time. This is talking about teaching myself Korean, by the way.

So really, RANKING WARS every other Saturday, music reviews hopefully every Monday, and maybe artist impressions (not imitations) on… I’ll pick some day of the week, maybe Thursday, and for obvious reasons, news will come randomly. I’m actually trying to put some other ideas together, so hopefully they’ll be incorporated before the year it out.

In closing, thank you thank you thank you!~


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