I can’t call myself a B2UTY, but I do enjoy listening to BEAST’s music. I did a small review on 일하러 가야 돼 so now I’m expanding onto their new single, YeY.

Watch the music video below and I’ll give my thoughts on it after.

I have to agree with some other sources: this song gives that BIGBANG’s 뱅뱅뱅 feel; the music video does too. For some reason, I feel like the color schemes between the two videos were almost the same. And I could definitely do without some of the hairstyle choices.

The only thing I felt was different, music wise, was the chorus wasn’t terrible and at least didn’t sound horribly misplaced as 뱅뱅뱅 did. I feel like… if you broke the verse into three parts, the second section sounds like it doesn’t belong.

Honestly, this song isn’t great, it’s slightly tolerable to listen to, but I also know that 비스트’s music can be so much better. In the end, I’m a little disappointed. But I’ll savor the achievement of being able to listen to the song in one play through and not feel like I had to suffer through it. I might have appreciated the music video more if it focused more on the dancing… or at least had more dance sections because they seemed pretty small.

I did in fact listen to the teaser and I have a feeling I’ll like the other songs more.

We’ve gotten some interesting songs for the summer. I just hope we can go back on the rise. The quality of songs seem to be going down and have for a little bit of time now.


2 thoughts on “[MV REVIEW] BEAST’s YeY Review

    • I’ll just have to look into the artists you’ve mentioned. Usually I stay within my kpop bubble of what I know. I really do need to expand more. I’ll definitely check them out~!


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