[RANKING WARS] BTS’s Discography

(Whoops, this was supposed to go up yesterday. Ranking Wars will come out twice a month, every other Saturday. Well that’s the plan anyway.)

Here’s the next artist up in RANKING WARS – 방탄소년단 (BTS) Released singles only!

Ranking is from favorite/most listened to to least favorite/listened to.

I Need You
War on Hormone
Just One Day
Boy in Luv
For You
Miss Right
The Rise of Bangtan
We are Bulletproof
No More Dream

Confession time: Had I known or got into BTS when they first debuted, I can tell you right now I wouldn’t have considered liking them. I’m not too big on hip hop or rap in ANY language, so that’s why No More Dream and We are Bulletproof are ranked at the bottom. WaB I like more when it came to the sound and lyrics, thus it’s ranked higher that NMD.

Continuing my confession time: At what point did I know/get into Bangtan Boys?: I Need You. I’m grateful that I got into them at that point and worked my way backwards. In doing so, I came to notice and appreciate how versatile BTS are as artists. Real talk in with confession: with the delay of iKon, I honestly believe that BTS is what iKon could have been. iKon has shown that versatility with songs like Long Time No See and Sinosijak… and BTS has the same outlook with Just One Day and We are Bulletproof (just picking a song here).

Anyway, anything ranking above The Rise of Bangtan, I find highly difficult to place. Honestly, I think this was more on what I’ve listened to more versus favorite because I like ALL of the songs. Even then, I feel like these nine songs can easily change slots…Well maybe except for the first four. I like N.O. and the theme or rebelling who/what you should be and following your own path. 쩔어 is a dance track that have a high intensity dance that accompanies it. Miss Right has that nice flow and cheeky confidence laced in its track. For You, even though it’s a Japanese single, it has an innocent touch that still incorporates BTS’s style. With Danger, it brings a powerful representation of frustration when it comes what starts as a perfect relationship that goes south. (And if you haven’t listened to the “Mo-Blue remix” of this song, please do! It took a high impact song and brought it to an emotional level.)

Boy in Luv I’m giving it’s own paragraph. Again, I was working my way backwards (maybe not in order) and had heard Just One Day before I listened to Boy in Luv. I saw the title and went, “Oh this will be a ballad track like 하로망.” OH BOY WAS I WRONG. The moment I hear, “왜 내 맘을 흔드는 건데?” I seriously went, “what the fu–” I was so taken aback that I had no idea what to do with myself. I just went in expecting a ballad and all I got was V asking me, “Why are you shaking up my heart?,” very aggressively.

Just One Day was the second “slower” tracks I first heard by BTS that made me understand they weren’t just all about hardcore hip hop/rap and made me feel I could like them as artist: Spoiler: It worked. It made me respect their work so much more to be able to jump genres but still keep your image. That in of itself is difficult and not easily achieved. It gave that touch of that they’re not just about tough bulletproof boys, but they ARE boys and have emotions and longing for someone else.

After I heard I Need You, like I mentioned, I went backwards on BTS. I was told by my boyfriend to look up War on Hormone… so I did. I thought the concept of the song and video was so silly, but had a lot of worth to it. Most rap/hip hip songs are usually about sex, drugs, money, and dehumanizing women. I like that this song talks about how being around girls/women makes them feel, but because of their chemistry and not, “Oh I see this girl walking across the street and I’m gonna bang her.” Granted, BTS is kinda stalking said girl in her video, but with the theme of the song and lyrics, it fits well. I’m sure extreme wing people can argue that they’re demoralizing a woman, stalking, talking about she’s a ‘gift’ and then eventually she gives in… But I don’t see the video like that. She’s not being harassed or provoked in the video– okay, going off topic. This isn’t an in depth and hidden meaning review of WoH.

I Need You was the song that I first heard by BTS. So naturally it’s at the top. This song made me appreciate them because I was shown their talent from being so hardcore to having a softer side. Also I love the theme for the video. Sure it could be generic emotional love song, lying in bed and sitting at the table, crying over a lover who has left. But sometimes, emotions hit harder especially when you’re in love. But more importantly, the song is great and the video compliments real life struggles/situations that I feel… sometimes, people don’t want to face or talk about. Depression, drug abuse, abandonment, rebellion…when it comes to teenagers and young adults, I feel those type of situations are easily ignored and instead of getting help, it’s more finger pointing and “what’s wrong with you” type of a situation.

On that token, there’s two versions of the video dependent on the age/rating content. Watch the original. It has more of an in depth meaning because of some of the scenes being edited out.

I just need someone to give me a true understanding of that video because there’s so many fan theories, but I want the truth. Do they all die? (Apparently RapMon confirmed that they do?) Maybe I’ll write a post about it later.

But there you go, there’s my ranking of 방탄소년단’s Discography of released singles. Please feel free to share your own ranking or if you agree/disagree with anything I said. Also feel free to suggest any artist! I may do RapMon’s mix tape on its own in the future.


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