[ALBUM REVIEW] Z.TAO Comeback Album Review

So despite the train wreck that is EXO (seems to be recovering now!), I’ve been looking forward to TAO’s album to see what he can do. I don’t know much about the Chinese music market, but I’m thinking there’s more singers than rappers out there. So I was curious to see how TAO fit it because SM Entertainment marketed him as a rapper.

I definitely didn’t expect 2 out of 3 tracks to be singing. I actually figured the ratio would have been the other way around.

As mentioned, my expectations were high because I was interested in knowing what TAO could do and…

As much as adore TAO (although I guess I should be saying Z.TAO now) … I’m not… crazy about this album. There’s a little too much autotune (especially in the first track) which ironically, Yesterday is the only track I like (not because of the autotune I assure you). The song reminds me of Tension when I listened to them back in the day, so I think that’s why I leaned towards it. One Heart, it’s okay… For me, some of the English was unclear, so it made it sort of meh to listen to. Although recognizing it was English vs. being told it was English then going back and realizing it was, means something (I’ve done that before). And I’m going to take a wild guess that T.A.O. is a possible diss track. Also, recognition to where his Instagram bio came from as well (Wait a minute, hold up).

I will say I will go back to listen to these tracks again once I find a translation or lyric video and see how I feel about them then. As of right now, I’m probably going to give this like a 5.5 out of 10 because I wasn’t moved by anything. It’s not a bad mini album, it’s just that it doesn’t grab or excite me like I thought it would. I only listened through the album once, so this is only a first impression. I’ll revisit this.

Also for amusement, apparently SM took down Z.TAO’s video teaser due to a “copyright claim.” So they can do this, but can’t issue an official statement about his member status.


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