[MV REVIEW] BEAST’s 일하러 가야 돼 (Gotta go to Work) Review

(On to happier and non-death threat related things… finally right?)

So first off I want to say that I found the title of the track odd, but guess it’s not that odd when I’ve noticed that songs about shirts, sweaters and jeans seem to be the norm.

This is on BEAST’s 일하러 가야 돼 (Gotta go to Work). Watch the MV below and I’ll give my thoughts.

So first, on a visual level, I feel this song. I, too, am constantly bogged down at my office job. And when you feel that tiny victory of getting whatever you’re working on done, whoops jk, here’s more and that win was short lived. Except nowadays, I don’t have that victory because there’s too much to do for one person and no one to help you. #lonewarrior I’m constantly drowning in work everyday.

I don’t really care for the girl’s mentality in the video. It’s sort of clear that she doesn’t work herself (or has the day off if we want to be optimistic) and she doesn’t want her boyfriend/husband/fiancee– Okay significant other, to go to work. But if we go with the idea that she doesn’t have a job and she lives at his place, and he showers her with gifts so he CAN go to work, um, shouldn’t you let him go because he supports you?? (For the record, this would make me feel hella uncomfortable. I don’t like being showered in gifts…at all.) Don’t get me wrong, I know what it feels like to just want to spend time with your significant other and call out of work do to so, but in the real world #datadultlyfe you can’t do that on a constant basis if you’re expected to keep a job (I don’t know, do some 애교 on a day where he’s lazy and doesn’t want to go to work, I’m sure you’ll win then). He has bills, rent… and you to support– LET THE MAN GO TO WORK. I get that you miss him and you don’t want him to go. I know that feel, I do, but in real life, please let your SO go to work so he/she can make the money to get you gifts (if you’re the selfish type) or you go to work too so you can both mutually spend money on each other. WIN WIN if I do say so myself.

And minutes later after I watch the lyrics video I’m laughing because while I didn’t fully understand all the lyrics, basically what I said above matches them.

I think I remember seeing in passing that this song is based of a conversation one of the members had with a friend. This, honestly, doesn’t feel like a BEAST song to me. But it’s a catchy song that can see me bobbing my head to.


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