[NEWS] Death threats against RapMon during BTS’s TRB US Tour

So, please calm down about this. Yes, he was wrong for what he said and should have been more careful but understand that he more than likely did not mean for it to allude to race. And if this part is true: don’t go around issuing threats or planning to do mean and harmful actions towards him during their concerts. Doing so won’t make you any better than him. And I’ve seen it going around on social media and I agree: instead of threats or ill-willed intentions, educate. It’s more powerful, I can assure you of that.

WHELP IT HAPPENED. The above is a direct quote from my previous blog post. I wasn’t able to attend the The Red Bullet concert in NY because I learned of BTS too late and on top of that, the tickets were sold out by the time I even knew they were doing a concert.

Someone thought it was a good idea to post up a picture of a gun and make a death threat against Namjoon aka Rap Monster and used TRB hashtag, which caused the venue to shut down the concert early and the chance of meeting the members during Hi-Touch was cancelled. You can read the complete articles on allkpop and AsianJunkie.

What makes me angry about this situation is two things:

1. When people are called out on their shit, the first thing they do is backpedal on their words, use excuses, and then blame others for the consequences of their actions.
2.  When the above happens, the person making the direct threat rarely goes punished.

This girl, who is claiming to be an A.R.M.Y first said her account was hacked when questioned by The Best Buy theatre management. From there, it went from “I was hacked” to “ya’ll can’t take a joke.” And from THERE, it went to her uploading a picture of herself ‘crying’ saying that she loves BTS and would never do anything to hurt them.

You have to be a FOOL to not notice the following:

1. I don’t care who you are or where you’re from but death threats are NOT A JOKE. Saying that you have a gun to take out someone isn’t a joke. If someone did that to you, wouldn’t you fear for your life? If someone did that to your friend, wouldn’t you take precautions?
2. So someone called you out… The “I was hacked” is equivalent to “the dog ate my homework.” You did something wrong and now you’re trying to cover it up.
2a. When that doesn’t work, you go, “lol I found the image on google and you can’t take a joke and it wouldn’t be that big of a deal if you guys weren’t so serious about things.” When the “the dog ate my homework” didn’t work, we go to victim blaming.
3. You supposedly post up a picture of yourself ‘crying’ because you would never say anything to harm– SORRY CALLING YOU OUT ON THIS TOO. Because let’s just say that the picture uploaded is actually of this girl who made the threat. The whites of your eyes seem… I don’t know, REALLY WHITE for someone who claims to have been crying. Red cheeks aren’t an indicator of someone crying. If it was combined with red eyes, snot coming out of your nose, and an emotional face, I maybe would have believed that you were crying. But yeah no, not buying this.

All in all, because of this, the concert ended early, BTS didn’t get to say goodbye to the fans or meet them during the Hi-Touch event, and there could be a chance that the following shows may be cancelled.

I feel bad for 방탄소년단 because I’m sure they felt bad because they didn’t realize how “big” they are in the US and really wanted to meet the fans. Also even though they thanked NY by posting selcas on their twitter, V had an apple in his selcas and videos. And if you weren’t aware (I actually forgot about this) “apology” and “apple” are the same word in Korean (사과).

I’m upset about this because kpop stars coming here was something I could just keep dreaming about. They rarely toured into the US. Most times when artist said ‘world tour’, the United States was almost always skipped. So now, since kpop is an international thing, a lot of stars have been coming to the US. But I feel like an event like this… may lessen the outlook of traveling here.

My biggest concern about things like this is that the people who tend to issue threats rarely go punished. And because of that, people think it’s okay because they believe they can get away with it. I really hope they track down this person and punish them accordingly. It’s not funny, it’s not a joke to make a threat on someone’s life… famous or not. But there needs to be some sort of repercussions against this so people don’t think it’s something they can do without punishment.

All in all, threats against someone’s life isn’t a joke under any circumstances, if you’re caught doing something wrong, admit you were wrong (or rather, if you know what you’re about to do is wrong, don’t do it at all), and I hope law enforcement will take threats more seriously and make them inexcusable crimes. The internet is real just like any of us. People use it and abuse it… and isn’t abuse in of itself, wrong?


2 thoughts on “[NEWS] Death threats against RapMon during BTS’s TRB US Tour

  1. Oh my goodness…I can’t believe what is happening. I fail as an A.R.M.Y. I didn’t even know:( How could this happen to Namjoon? I hope he’s fine and I agree with you.


    • It’s crazy isn’t it? I’m glad the venue took precautions because of said “joke” but I feel bad for everyone affected by it.

      The members are okay as far as I’m aware, thankfully.

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