[NEWS] Update on TAO Status: Welcome to the EXO Train Wreck

Another informal, not quite thought out/planned post. So if you remember my previous EXO related post, TAO was removed from the official EXO-M FB page. Since then, the following has happened. There are a lot of pingback links in this post so you can somewhat accurately follow along with the information I know.

1. A news story comes out that TAO is releasing a solo album.
2. In around that time, he changes his IG profile.
3. TAO formally announces that he’s releasing said album and it’s coming soon.
4. WEIBO update verification from TAO, removing EXO from his verification status (he had removed EXO from his IG a while back)
5. Baekhyun unfollows TAO on IG, TAO unfollows everyone, and Chanyeol unfollows TAO (in that order I believe)
6. TAO posts a picture saying he’s back.

Honest opinion corner: As much crap TAO talked about Kris leaving EXO pretty much unannounced, he sure seems to be following in his hyung’s footsteps. Considering after the whole deal with him leaving EXO, once Kris got back in control of his account, the first thing HE said was that he’s back. And ironically, TAO did the same thing today. And this whole thing just furthers how much the remaining members of EXO respect Luhan more than Kris and now TAO.

I’m interesting in what type of music TAO will put out because obviously he’s not really a singer (unless he’s going to surprise us like Kris did singing a ballad for an OST) and TAO is clearly a rapper, but I don’t think he’s that amazing at it to put out a solo album. Maybe a single or two, but not an entire album. That’s just my opinion though.

Either way, I’m curious to know why 1. SM hasn’t said anything 2. TAO’s real reason for leaving EXO. I still believe that it’s pressure from his family to get out of SM’s grasps. But since he’s doing all this work and I’m sure his contract didn’t expire (unless it was breached by SM somehow). I’m waiting for an announcement for some sort of lawsuit or settlement to avoid said lawsuit.

Thoughts? I’m interested in knowing other outlooks on the situation. Part of me wonders if EXO-M will even be a thing because well, Lay is the only reason WHY there is an M in the entire group. I wouldn’t be surprised if they disband EXO-M and just merge them together to just have EXO, no factions.


2 thoughts on “[NEWS] Update on TAO Status: Welcome to the EXO Train Wreck

    • SM marketed him as a rapper. But be aware that I had written this before his album came out so the section about his singing was a pre-opinion. If you want to know what I really think then look for the album and MV I’ve done for his releases.


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