[RANKING WARS] – EXO’s Discography

In my attempt to fall asleep last night (which started out poorly), I was thinking about the EXO songs I’ve listened to and which songs I liked that most people didn’t. Next thing I knew I was ranking them from least favorite to favorite. So I decided to share this with you. I’ll try to do this on a weekly or at least bi-weekly basis. It’ll probably be easier for me to do this for recent groups since a lot of the older groups I have been following have been putting out a lot of songs, so it’ll be higher. So this might be a new feature for the blog that I hope you’ll be able to look forward to.

This for EXO’s Discography. Songs are ranked, starting from favorite/listened to to least favorite/most listened to. These song specifically deal with EXO/EXO-K. I’ll have a ranking for EXO-M in the future I hope. The titles have links, so feel free to click. These are the songs released as singles, not their entire discography

Call Me Baby
Miracles in December
Love Me Right
What is Love?
NO RANKDecember 2014 (The Winter’s Tale)

The reason why December, 2014 (The Winter’s Tale) has no ranking is because I haven’t listened to this song enough to properly know where to rank it. Wolf and History were hard to place, but I realize that while I will not actively seek out either on my music player to listen to, nine times out of ten, when History comes up, I’ll skip it. Spoiler: When I first heard Wolf, I hated the song. I put every song on my iPod except Wolf. But somehow, and I’m not sure how, the song grew on me and I can tolerate it… and sometimes sing along to it (don’t tell anyone that). Again, I won’t seek it out on my playlist, but if it does come up, I’ll listen to it.

It was hard to rank the top four honestly. I got into EXO around before Call Me Baby but closer to their Overdose release (because at that point I was aware of the Luhan and Kris dilemma, but didn’t realize it was during the promotions of the song). That mini album I had on repeat longer than EXODUS I believe, but CMB got me into actually wanting to know who EXO were. I have a habit of staying my kpop era, not listening to new music, and if I do, I listen to JUST the music and not look up the artist’s details. But I remember watching CMB and going, “Yeah I need to know who they are and who is who.”

I like songs that pull at my emotions… Miracles in December does that to me. Seventy-five percent of the time that song comes up, I wind up shedding a couple of tears. When you have a good lyricist and powerful vocals behind a song, it’ll mess up your emotions. Outside of MiD, Love Me Right, CMB, and Overdose are very catch songs.

Growl and What is Love? were difficult to rank too. I remember What is Love? when it came out and listening to the song and going ‘meh’, but again, catchy songs, and Growl (even though most people don’t like it?) grew on me. And even though I like WiL more than Growl, I find myself skipping it often on my iPod as well (but nearly not as much as History). Most of the time, I’m listening to songs when I’m driving so I’ll usually want to listen to upbeat songs that I can sing in my car. WiL isn’t one of those songs, but if it comes on my playlist at home, I won’t skip it.

That’s it for this ranking. I hope you’ll be able to share your ranking for the EXO singles with me as well! I’ll really try to make this a thing that happens.


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