[NEWS] TAO Status

Slightly an informal, but quick post by me.

I’m sure you might have heard by now, but as of roughly two days ago, on the official EXO-M Facebook page, TAO was removed from the members section. And for irony, in the bio section, all the members of EXO-M are listed, except for Kris.

tao removed

EXO-L or not, I’m curious to know your thoughts on this. Do you think TAO left of his own accord even with the what seemed to be ‘trash talk’ against Kris leaving or do you think his departure from EXO actually has little to do with him? What I mean by that is this: I believe that TAO would not leave EXO of his own accord. I honestly do believe that TAO loves EXO. Even though there has been no official statement, I believe that if TAO is truly an ex-member of EXO, it is because of the pressure of his family. Understandable though because his parents left their son in the hands of a company who probably promised they would take care of him, but in all actuality, didn’t.

What are your thoughts on the situation while all the ‘ex’ members of EXO are seemingly in limbo?


2 thoughts on “[NEWS] TAO Status

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