[KDRAMA] Producer (프로듀사) short review, last episode reaction

I probably won’t make this as long as I did for Who Are You: School 2015, but I did want to talk about this drama a bit.

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I was actually looking forward to watching it. Not to long ago, before I started my blog, I had watched It’s Okay, That’s Love (괜찮아, 사랑이) and found myself taken away by Gong Hyo Jin’s (공효진) acting. Honestly, the entire cast’s acting for It’s Okay, That’s Love was great, but this post is about the Producer. So when I found out she was starring in this AND Kim Soo Hyun whom I remembered from Dream High, I had to watch it.

This isn’t your typical love saturated with a little bit a plot drama; it’s actually the opposite. You’re drawn to the characters, relating to and rooting for them, wanting other characters to be taken down a couple of pegs… This drama, simply, was good.

I find it quite funny that IU’s (who plays Cindy) manager had to put out a statement that she’s actually not the embodiment of Cindy in real life. When people think you ARE the character you’re playing, your acting skills have blown the roof clear off the house. And I’ve seen IU on shows like Hello Counselor to know that she’s not actually some cold hearted, mean, self-centered, OCD person. But when people think you are your role in a drama in real life, that’s something… and also a hell of a lot of talent.


For once, my relationship predictions were correct: Ye Jin and Joon Mo got together (even though I was rooting for them, I’m personally touchy about the subject of dating your best friend), and Seung Chan and Cindy would keep a friendly relationship. It might have been implied that they were a couple in the end, I don’t believe it to be true. It was a subplot but I am satisfied with Hong Soon and Yang Mi settled their differences and became a couple as well.

I was over ecstatic about CEO Byun being given a dose of her own medicine because she needed it. And gosh, Na Young Hee played her character so well! Of course, they set it up in a way where you feel bad for her in the end due to Cindy’s final words to her (which was a powerful speech in of itself) and her actions telling Cindy to read her termination contract before blindly signing it (that alone was a subtle hint the CEO still cared about her), but I spent every minute of watching the drama waiting for her to be taken down. And for that to happen, I honestly felt that Secretary Kim whom might have felt guilty regarding the situation with Yuna, found some justice for her in not having Cindy become the next “tie in package.”

The friendship theme and social interaction/exposure to get to know a person despite their “personality” or “role” they’ve been told to play was something else. I’m glad that the PDs got to know Cindy who she really was. For that alone, they came to her aid in the end. It was a great feeling to see that Cindy, who felt like she was abandoned and no one would stay by her side (especially after her Road Manager ripped her a new one about not begging CEO Byun for forgiveness), she had Seung Chan, Joon Mo, and Ye Jin, whom might have seemed like an unlike trio, to be there for her.

If you have the chance to check out the drama, please do, I would definitely recommend it. It’s more about the plot and less about love squares. But if you wanted to know the life of a producer and the important aspects of what the job entails or even if you have an interest in the media business like I do, please, find the time to indulge yourself in the Producer.

And for the record, I didn’t realize the Floor Director was never at the 1 Night 2 Days meetings or on set. I wish they talked more about him in the end instead of brushing him off as a ghost/fairy.


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