I wanted to do a review of BTS’s 쩔어(DOPE), but I’m probably ‘late’ in doing that. That aside, I realized, I’m actually a bit biased to the song itself because unlike the previous review, I’ve listened to this song multiple times prior to its MV release. So going into it already liking the song and with the added MV, just makes the song more pleasing to me with the visual aesthetic. Of course, I can pick at things like how some of the English wasn’t exactly clear so I misheard some of the lyrics and what not, but I’m sure others have talked about it. I’m not saying that there’s difficulty in me being neutral about the song for the review (I can be), but remember I’m trying to do something different.

With that being said, what I actually want to talk about is the COMEBACK STAGE performance on M COUNTDOWN that aired on June, 25th.

If you’ve seen the music video, you’ve note how crazy and intense the dance is. The coordination of and in this dance is on another level. The MV is done in the “one take” trend and this stage performance is no different. In my opinion, that alone is a hard concept to get down considering you’re constantly moving within a limited space and you have to remember blocking so you don’t run into someone. You’re not just standing in one place dancing and only changing when it’s a hook or a second chorus; it’s constant movement when it’s not even your part of the song. In incorporating the heavy activity of this dance AND the “one take” MV feel, BTS pulled it off really well.

The only two sections that threw me off, but I’m not sure if they were intentional on the artist or the camera handler’s part, was Jimin and V’s proximity to the camera, especially V’s second part. I don’t know if that was a spacing issue where I felt he almost got hit by/ran into the camera, or getting that close to him was intentional. But knowing Jimin, there’s little doubt that his was done on purpose (lol).

So thank you 방탄소년단 for putting on a stellar performance and congratulations on a successful COMEBACK stage. Also thank you to the camera handlers cause filming the performance was no joke, I’m sure.

You can watch the original video below in addition to the video with translated subtitles.


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