[KDRAMA] 후아유: 학교 2015 (Who Are You: School 2015) short review, last episode reaction

With learning Korean, I’m trying to be more of an avid drama watcher. I tend to be more of a ‘recommend it to me and then… I’ll eventually watch it’ person. It’s hard for me to put aside an hour or more of my day especially after work. But since learning Korean is important to me, I’m making the time (aside from my studying) to watch (but more so listen) more dramas.

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So I came across 후아유: 학교 2015 (Who Are You: School 2015). It wasn’t recommended to me by someone, but came up on DramaFever (and in their emails I receive as well). A small summary is the following: EunBi grows up in a orphanage and attends school where she’s constantly bullied. One day, she can’t take it anymore and decides to commits suicide not realizing someone is watching the scene unfold. While her attempt fails, she wakes up not being able to remember her own name. So instead of trying to find out who she is, she winds up living the life of her twin sister. That’s all I’m going to tell you; you’re going to have to watch it on your own.

The drama features Yook SungJae who is from the group BtoB (I’ve heard of them, but never listened to their music), Nam JooHyuk (who was in AKMU’s Give Love and 200% MVs), and Kim SoHyun who plays the roles of the twins (and does a damn good job of it).

Now, I’m not going to give some in depth review but more so my thoughts about the last episode, but I will say this: ANYTHING YOU READ AFTER THIS POINT IS A SPOILER. SO IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED AND/OR FINISHED THE SERIES, DO NOT READ ON. Or if you don’t care and just want to hear my thoughts on the ending, by all means, continue reading and/or just skip to the last paragraph.

I wanted this:s2015 way 05

And ended up with this:s2015 way 01

Can I talk about how DISAPPOINTED I am in the ending when it comes to relationships? I really wanted EunBi to be with TaeKwang considering they bonded first, he was the first to call her by her actual name, and even though he was a bit socially awkward at times, he was truly there for her. I understand EunBi’s point when she said “I can’t only look at you like you do for me”, but for TaeKwang, considering he felt he had no one and he found that someone and wanted to be with her. I felt like he was a better fit for her than Yi Ahn since she didn’t have to act like her sister or essentially someone who she’s not.

s2015 way 04

In the last scenes of Episode 13, I actually believed Yi Ahn was sorting out his feelings and was going to see EunByul, but considering he caught the kiss (on the cheek) between EunBi and TaeKwang, I seriously went, “Ah shit, he totally likes her.” And that’s because well, he got to see a softer, more girl like personality from “EunByul” (who is actually EunBi) which that’s what he fell in love with more, despite his childhood friendship and one-sided love with EunByul. I’m just mad that he got a late start on the ‘I like this girl game” with TaeKwang, and won the girl in the end.

I actually thought that EunByul would have ended up with no one and EunBi with no one OR TaeKwang, but alas, she gets together with Yi Ahn. I just hate that the one who was there for EunBi the most got friendzoned so hard.s2015 way 03s2015 way 02

Also SoYoung totally got what she deserved. I got the satisfaction of the one who used to be bullied to feel pressured and helpless (although I can’t say she was bullied, more like put in her place). And I love how some of the students were highlighted and had their own story lines, especially MinJoon and the pressure he felt from his mother to just be a good son and student and nothing else. Also the catty female parents too; ugh they were so annoying (but in character annoying).

TaeKwang was an amazing character and I felt like I related to him the most out of my drama because of my own situation (missing parent and the parent who wants nothing to do with you). I’m glad that despite not being with EunBi in the end, he got a happy ending being able to patch things up with his father and they were able to appreciate each other.

Another character I loved was Teacher Kim JoonSeok. I love his dedication as a teacher and his determination to choose the right path for himself. I felt for him as he considered himself a failure and taking responsibility for SooIn’s death (despite not being the cause, but could have possibly prevented it). I’m glad that he decided to still do teaching in the end, which was his passion. If the series would to continue, I would have no doubt that he made the right choice and would find himself in a position he wanted to find himself in, living out his dream.

Overall, I would recommend this drama. I didn’t like the ending (obviously), but I like the development of characters, the acting was GREAT (especially on Kim SoHyun’s part of the twins who were basically opposites personality wise), and I love story lines that are believable. So if you’re looking for a realistic, slice of life sort of drama with love triangles, please Who Are You: School 2015.


5 thoughts on “[KDRAMA] 후아유: 학교 2015 (Who Are You: School 2015) short review, last episode reaction

    • I know!! I mean it’s almost a given that the guy who deserves the girl doesn’t get her considering the typical kdrama story line (I feel Dream High was the only drama I saw so far that broke this stereotype). But I was just really hoping and wishing to be let down. I guess TaeBi will forever have to live in my heart.


      • I was soooo hoping it’ll be like Dream High because Hyemi too jumped ship at the last minute, but then Samdong was the first lead there so i too knew it’d turn out that way, but i wasn’t as upset about it when it happened. Well, at least, we get to see TaeBi smiling at each other in their final scene together, if that’s enough of a consolation…


      • I feel like I didn’t expect that ending. So them getting together kinda smacks me in the face. But that twist in Dream High I would have liked in this drama. And you’re right, since he seems to be okay with being friends considering how brightly he smiled. So I can’t be completely mad.


  1. And here I thought that whoever the girl met first in a drama is the one for the girl but no. Our ship just sank, I wanted eun bi with tae gwang too. I wanted it to badly that I cried everytime he says what he feels and saying that he knows everything, he knows that eun bi cant like him the way he does for her. (straight to the kokoro) But who knows, eun bi says that its still not the time for her to like someone even though she said that she likes yi ahn, they’re just teenagers. We dont know what can happen for them in their future. (Sorry just that kind of person who thinks of the future of a book o r a drama after the ending. )


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