So I mentioned on my twitter (which is madivoices by the way if you want to follow me, I follow back) that I wanted to write a… well almost review about BIGBANG and EXO. Why? Because I’m a part of both: VIP and EXO-L. And they both came out with songs around the same time, so I figured why not talk about them in this seemingly ‘head to head’ competition with the new songs and music shows and I’m sure both are going to be performing on.

So first, I’ll talk about BIGBANG’s 뱅뱅뱅 since it debuted first.

뱅뱅뱅 (BANG BANG BANG or BBB for short in this post)
If you haven’t seen the video, watch it first before reading my thoughts. I don’t want to put ideas in your head beforehand.

I’ve been a VIP longer than I’ve been an EXO-L and I know, like many others, VIPs have been waiting for BB’s comeback for a very long time now. I like Loser and Bae Bae, but for some reason, I was anticipating this song. I went into this song with an open mind because you never know what you’ll expect from BIGBANG. I went into this song loving it, but came out… really disliking it. And most other reviews (like on Asian Junkie) the chorus… killed the song for me. It reminded me a lot of 2NE1’s COME BACK HOME with the section that seemed really random and not a part of the song at all. And the funny/ironic thing about it is when the ‘bang bang bang’ came into the song at the end, it actually sounded like it belonged there. But anywhere else is the song it sounded HIGHLY displaced.

I’m sort of hoping the song will grow on me like Come Back Home did. But out of the four songs that’s been released by BB, BBB is definitely my least favorite.

LOVE ME RIGHT (LMR shortened for this post)
Again, but this time, watch BOTH first, and then read after.

I follow a couple of Twitter accounts that cover EXO and one mentioned a fan’s account from the concert mentioning Baekhyun and Xiumin informing those at the concert that an album would be out soon and to wait for it. The first thought in my mind was, “Dude, I feel like EXODUS just came out and you’re already talking about a NEW ALBUM?” But new album really meant repackaged so, I’m glad I didn’t get too scared.

So Love Me Right came out… and I know what people seemed to dislike was the mismatched visuals and storyline but not storyline? I agree. I’m not saying the music video didn’t ruin the song, but if you took out the sports aspect of the song and stuck with the “Alice in Wonderland” theme, the video would have done the song better justice.

I want to talk about the K and then the M version and I’l do so in one paragraph.

For some reason, I like M’s video better, but like both versions of the song. If you look on the comments on Youtube and other places, a certain member sLAYed this version of the song, and I mean that in a good way AND I definitely agree. I always felt Lay was overshadowed by Luhan and TAO for some reason (and I’m not saying this because they’re currently not a part of the group at the moment), but for the fact that Lay rapped in this video….. Please give him more chances to that; he rocked it. Overall he shined brightly in this video. That and Xiumin got more than I’m used to seeing from him (but he’s my favorite member so I’m just happy to see and hear him because he doesn’t get a lot of parts in general). I realized that for the M version of this song, they turned down Chen and turned up BH and Chanyeol which is fine in a way, but considering it was the Chinese version of the song, I figured we would have heard more Chen, Lay, and Xiumin (for the second rapping part). So that I’m a little disappointed in that.

This song needed more Suho though. And Sehun getting more parts in this song (vs. Call Me Baby cause two English phrases and one of them said twice was all that he got) was an ear pleaser for me.

I don’t want to talk about the Alice in Wonderland theme because I barely remember AiW and all the characters. But there’s a few theories going around and Xiumin doubled as two, which I had a feeling that if TAO was around for the repackaged album, he would have had the Mad Hatter spot (but Xiumin pulled it off REALLY well, so again, not complaining).

So if you had to make choose between Bang Bang Bang and Love Me Right, sorry BIGBANG, I have to go with EXO on this one. The song was more enjoyable and had that awkward sounding chorus not been in the song, I can assure you I would have liked BBB over LMR.


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