5W on about me


First before I tell you who I am, let me thank you for coming to this side of the internet that belongs to me. I can only hope that what I say and do with this blog will interest you enough for you to stick around and hopefully, we can become friends.

Now, who I am? I can tell you I am HORRIBLE on the topic of myself. There’s a lot of things I can say but many I will filter. Quite honestly, the way to get to know me to ask questions. I can’t… just lay information about myself out there without a prompt. That is very difficult for me. But I know the basics of a relationship and that’s getting to know each other. So I will try my best. I will tell you who I am in relation this blog.

The basics is that I’m a girl in my twenties trying to get back in control of her life. I’ve dealt with some hardships, none of which I would ever wish on my worst enemy. I consider myself a lover of video games and art forms; music included and Korean music especially. Culture wise, Korea has been a good part of my life. I’m also a cosplayer, but I feel the flame and the passion I once had for it is dying. I’ve wanted to follow my dream of voice acting and I have, but not as passionately as I would have liked. For now, I am looking to better my life and stop using stupid excuses to hold myself back. I’ve spent too much time standing still and I’m changing that. My goal is one of two things or maybe even both: a. To become a radio personality who speaks and talks about the entertainment industry in Korea or b. work in Korea either teaching or doing something within the entertainment industry, like working for a music company.

I’m currently learning Korean through self-taught methods and I hope that I am able to write this blog in two languages in the future. When that happens,please feel free to correct any errors I make. I won’t learn from my mistakes if no one tells me about them.

As this blog continues, you’ll get to know me more than what I’ve mentioned about.

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This is only the beginning

Waaa, I’m finally doing something I feel I’ve have a desire to do for a while, but couldn’t place the time or the dedication to even setting it up. If you’ve never had a blog, you won’t know that coming up with a name is the hardest part, and if not that, coming up with ANOTHER name because the one you wanted was taken.

There’s a reason why I decided to do this, but that will have to be saved for my intro post which will either come later on today or during this week. There’s a LOT I’ve been wanting to write about, so please look out for that.

Until then~ 안녕히가세요!